Horoscope for November 2014

Horoscope for November 2014 November 2014 carries on with the Clash of the Titans or a square between Uranus and Pluto. They lock horns all the time and during November they continue to irritate and drive each other crazy. There will be freedom of speech issues and online information continues to be censored. Censorship and security will continue to be an issue throughout the year and November is no exception. You will hear more about phone tapping. Be aware that the evil forces out there will not go away. Don't be afraid for this is Uranus' and Pluto's influence.

Saturn moves into Sagittarius in late November but there will be major religious and difficult political scandals and situations before they get together. Nothing will be resolved, however, and the atmosphere of the land is rattled with controversy, unease, and loss of hope. The news this November almost seems as if it is determined to break your spirits and bend your soul.

Learn to expand your horizons during this next-to-last month of 2014. November is the time to begin thinking about the New Year and tuning up resolutions and goals. Set your goals now and have them ready to list on the 1st of 2015. It is never too late to make plans and change your ideas.

Jupiter will liven up your life. He moves in family-loving Cancer and attempts to restore good old fashioned values. The foreclosure epidemic in the world will continue to taper off and lifestyles will become a little easier. Celebrity and political scandals will keep everyone entertained through November and the rest of the year. We rejoice in other's discomfort. What does this make us?

Mars moves with Libra during 2014 and particularly in November. He loves to cause aggression and inspire chaos. Libra desires to compromise and reconcile. You may feel like speaking your mind, but it will be tempered with compassion. If you have a difficult relationship you will long to clear up the air. Mars, however, may just provide you with so much work and mind chatter that you do not have time to make amends with anyone. Watch for this attitude.

Change is good during November. The heavens want change, as always, Figure out what you need to adjust and use your spirit guides and celestial allies to your best advantage. Change when you feel the time is right. Be careful not to provoke arguments during November. The season will alter dramatically if you are at odds with your love or anyone in your family. Keep November alive in your hearts as the month of Thanksgiving. Never forget who gave you freedom and what you are thankful for.


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