Horoscope for November 2014 for Gemini

Horoscope for November 2014 Gemini Gemini, a grouping of planets assemble at the end of November. They are working with lighthearted Sagittarius. These planets move into your house of intimate relationships. You need to have serious fun with your love. Don't worry about the future this month and don't listen to the planets whispering in your ear. You can have fun, but remember there are always consequences.

You are willing to experiment with a relationship partner late in November. Sagittarius and his group of planets invade your house of intimate relationships and you do things you have never done before. You might find an exciting interest in an exotic coworker, but if you are happy with your current love, do resist the urge.

Venus is in Scorpio from the 1st to the 15th of November Gemini. This is a huge benefit for you particularly if you are trying to get an interview for a better position in your company. It is time to take care of your health, too. Exercise. You can start off slow and work up to an hour a day.

The New Moon and your house of family on November 22nd helps with relationships. New Moons are new beginnings. This might just be a really awesome time with a love if you are committed. If you are single go for the one you have your eye on. Make a change in your primary relationship for the better.

Great days for you Gemini in November include the 1st and 2nd. These two days are the best days of the month and lean on feelings of love and ambition. On the 3rd you are assigned a premier project and you get cracking on it. On the 11th of November you finish your project and it is done well. The 17th of November brings on high fives from coworkers and management. On the 21st take the time to give your love a treat. On the 27th you are feeling so awesome and thankful you just seem to love everyone.

Poor days in November Taurus include the 8th and 9th. Nothing goes right. After your spectacular 1st and 2nd this is such a letdown. You can't get anything done and now you are angry and mean-spirited. On the 12th you are challenged at work, and on the 13th nothing goes right in the office. Home is just as bad. On the 22nd you try to make amends for your temper tantrums of the past day, but no one is listening. On the 26th you are still angry and snap at family members who have come to visit. They think you are mean and may not come back again.


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