Horoscope for November 2014 for Taurus

Horoscope for November 2014 Taurus Taurus, the Full Moon on November 6th moves into your solar house of personality and appearance. Take a look at what you are doing in your life. See how habits are influencing your health. Make plans to quit smoking if you do. Go on a diet and change up your life. If you have someone who loves you, it will be easier to make changes.

On November 6th the Full Moon in your sign Taurus will active your relationships. You need to do a personal inventory of your friends and loves. Think of all those in your life and decide who should stay and who should go. You have been thinking about this for quite a while. Now put your plans into action.

Mercury and the Sun move into your house of joint resources on the 22nd and again on the 27th of November. They also move through Sagittarius who likes to play with money. Sagittarius wants to help but does go overboard. You will be asked for a loan, but before you loan out any money think hard. Don't feel bad if you have to refuse.

Have a heart to heart with your love Taurus. Try on November 9th or 11th but if you cannot compromise or get to any conclusions, you may have to tell them goodbye. On the 18th of November you have all the reasons you need to know why it is best to let them go and make their own mistakes.

Fun days in November for you Taurus include the 1st and 3rd. These are days when everything is bright and shiny, Relationships are awesome and work is grand. On the 6th you instigate a new rule in your home and everyone agrees. The 10th of November is a good time to take charge of your finances. Discover you have more than you thought you did. The 17th of November is particularly rewarding. You get a commendation at work. On the 21st take the time to be with your family. Plan for holiday parties and make sure you have plenty of goodies on hand.

Not so good days in November Taurus are the 8th and 9th. You are challenged in your work and family is disagreeable. On the 12th you try to leave the situation and go to your office, but you are drawn into office politics. On the 13th your luck is terrible. It is stormy, wet and cold. You can't stay home and you are catching a cold. On the 18th you have the full-blown flu and need to take the day off. You get to work at home. Yea! On the 25th things get better health wise but you have a houseful of company. This makes you exhausted. On the 26th don't tell anyone in your family your topmost secret. They will revel it to the entire clan and you will be embarrassed and dismayed.


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