Horoscope for April 2014 for Libra

Horoscope for April 2014 Libra Libra you make a great partner. You are cooperative and listen to others on the team. Give you advice with kindness and compassion in April 2014 and you will go far. Keep the peace as much as you can since with Mars on duty in your sign your might want to force you to say "no" to projects and requests. Sometimes it does you good to blow off steam now and then.

Your love life will be highly unpredictable in April 2014. On the 2nd and 1th the Sun and Mercury will startle Uranus in your house of relationships. On the 15th the lunar eclipse will come along in your sign. You might decide you want nothing to do with your current partner. If you feel it is a bad relationship, don't hesitate. Go it alone.

On the 29th there is the possibility for you to be a money magnet. In your house of joint finances there will be opportunities to invest. Checkout everything in your portfolio and be careful. Keep everything you do with money aboveboard.

Hotspots in your life during April 2014 Libra will shake up your life. Projects will come up and you will have to finish them within 24 hours. This is difficult but with help from office mates you can do it. You reactions will surprise others, however if you say no.

Rewarding days for you Libra are the 10th and 11th of April 2014. These are days when projects you have started get finished and you receive accolades. On the 17th and 18th the weather is perfect for talking walks and talking with good friends. Take care on the 25th you are not too happy for on the 26th you will get a huge and wonderful surprise. On the 29th you will be rewarded in your career and the 30th brings happiness in relationships.

Challenges will come into your life Libra on the 1st and 3rd. don't be afraid they will only get worse on the 8th. Toward the middle of the month and on the 14th and 15th you may find that everything you believe in comes crashing down. The 16th will be rainy and gloomy just like your mood. The 21st is not as good as you sit in long meetings that have nothing to do with you. On the 22nd and 23rd ask for the days off and stay home.


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