Horoscope for April 2014 for Sagittarius

Horoscope for April 2014 Sagittarius You love adventure Sagittarius and if there is anything you really need is excitement. You get antsy and depressed if things are boring. Don't worry, April 2014 is not a boring month for you. The Sun and planet Mercury in Aries will see that there are plenty of surprises for you this month. They contact unpredictable Uranus on the 2nd and14. Watch out! Anything can happen. Keep your schedule open.

With Venus in compassionate Pisces during the first part of April 2014 you might watch out for needs of partners and family members. Your last few months have been tough and everyone you touch needs tender loving care. Take the time to listen to friends, family and loves and give them hugs and understanding. Share your own experiences to get your family through to a brighter side.

If you are out looking for a mortgage, Sagittarius go on the 17th or 25th or perhaps the 18th. There will be planets all in a row to help make the loan process smooth. Once you have been comfortably moved in you might need to take a vacation to a beach or sunny pool side hotel. But, that is a long way off.

There are two eclipses this month Sagittarius. The first one on April 15th is in your house of friendships. You will find you need to mediate issues between two friends. There is new information coming to light about you circle of friends. You will change your mind about how you feel about them. It will be good. You did not realize how spectacular our friends were and could be and arguments are about how much to donate to charity.

Awesome days for you Sagittarius are the 10th and 11th. These are days when you will succeed at anything you try and do. On the 17th and 18th you will finalize your papers for a new home. On the 25th go shopping for new furniture and on the 26th you sell your old home. The 30th is awesome as you get ready to move to new digs that will be perfect.

Challenging days are the 1st and 2nd plus the 3rd .You are unsure what to do about your living situation and who to take with you. On the 8th your mind is still not made up and there is stress in our home. On the 16th you feel much better but the decision you made will hurt many people. On the 20th and 21st it is terribly rainy and nothing seems to be going right. On the 22nd your car is stolen and on the 23th the insurance agency turns down your claim.


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