Horoscope for December 2014 for Virgo

Horoscope for December 2014 Virgo Virgo, a planned trip is ready to be culminated. Everything will go well and your time away from work and home will be relaxing and wonderful. Do go along with the holiday planner and rest, meditate, and just do what you want. There are no responsibilities while on vacation.

You will be involved with someone older who is well off and wants to take care of you. Putting in your time to help them and give them advice and companionship is your only duty. Document your relationship to keep both parties within the accepted limits. If anything goes wrong you need to have a backup.

Success and wealth can be measured in many different ways Virgo. Jupiter weighs in this month and stirs up the mix. Jupiter will be talking to other planets in your house of home and domestic situations. This gives Jupiter a way to ignore what you are going through and just chat with his friends. You guardian angel will help you take care of business issues, career plans and money situations. Jupiter is happy and this is great!

Saturn moves through your houses of home, family, money and finance during December 2014 and through 2015. You respond to his money making moods. You are obsessed more than ever with home security, family relationships, and the physical foundations of a good savings account. Take care you are not too obsessed keeping things at home on an even keel. Nothing stays the same and changes are always the order of the day.

Difficult days in December 2014 Virgo include the 6th and 8th. Weather is challenging and so is the cold you have caught. You are too sick to move, but don't have the time off. On the 15th you feel much better but things are not quite the same as before you were sick. On the 19th you have a setback in health. You cannot seem to find the energy to do your projects and chores at home are just that - chores. On the 23rd you haven't finished Christmas plans. The 24th is here already and you are challenged to get everything wrapped up in time. On the 25th you are much too sick to care, but it is fun to watch your children enjoy their fun. On the 26th you are directed to stay in bed for the rest of the year. This sounds great, but there are so many things to do that this is an impossible requirement.

Great days in December 2014 Virgo include the 1st of December. You love starting out every month fresh and with a new sheet of paper. The 2nd and 4th give you the opportunity to finish projects and take care of issues in the office. On the 10th you are rewarded with an employee of the month certificate. The 14th is awesome and you get paid a day early! The 16th of December 2014 brings about fun parties and socialization with new friends. On the 20th take the time to thank the universe for all your blessings. You will be rewarded.


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