Horoscope for 2015

In 2015 the playful cute Goat (the Ram in the Japanese tradition) will have an undivided dominion over the destiny of the world population; despite the ungulate's traditional peacefulness you should not expect the upcoming period to be exceptionally humane, passive and tranquil. Overall, it is logical to believe that in the year of the Ram there will be few conflicts and few local armed clashes. The general level of aggression will be significantly lower; thus, the year of the Ram is logically associated with openness and sincerity. On the global scales of things it will be a harmonious year ideal for having large contracts signed, old grudges forgiven and new unbelievably fruitful relations started. This goes without saying; after all, what does the Goat need to be happy? Enough green grass would be an answer and that's it! This is the reason why 2015 will be especially successful for those whose life is tied to creative activities. These will be builders, architects, researchers and agrarians first and foremost. Today's farmers and land developers will receive special "bonuses" from the Ram which could very well become life-changing for them. Overall, considering the general energy background of the year people of all trades and professions will have approximately equal opportunities for career growth. The key is to have good understanding of the specifics of the upcoming period; after all, the Ram is an absolutely "peaceful" creature in need of extra care.

However, even though the Ram doesn't have any claws and fangs, it is not that helpless as it may seem. Sure, it is not your mighty Horse or fierce Tiger, but this creature is used to constantly moving, galloping along narrow mountain paths and fearlessly climbing the highest spurs to find succulent grasses. And if you think the Ram to be the most stubborn animal of all, you are deeply mistaken: determination, confidence and adaptability are the qualities of the Ram that many tend to overlook. These qualities put together give the Ram many opportunities. We should keep in mind, though, that direct confrontation is not for it. It is amazing how resourceful human mind can be! 2015 will once again remind us of it; after all, all future problems will have to be solved by making huge intellectual effort. On the one hand, it will be due to circumstances most often you simply won't have any opportunity to act directly. At the same time, a more "sophisticated" game will allow for a bigger advantage and consequently bigger profit (if business is in question). But let's keep in mind that the Ram will never resort to dishonest tricks to achieve its mercantile goals; it doesn't tolerate such means and this intolerance is in its core. That's why those who are eager to "cash in" at the expense of others' misfortune will probably suffer the worst fiasco in 2015 which is actually a perfectly legitimate and fair outcome for any activity of such kind. In other words, all doors will be open for honest business and the more ambitious your projects are the more impressive the outcome will be. It goes without saying, you'll have to work for it; what did you think? Did you think it was easy to jump mountains and lowlands all day long?

When it comes to the sphere of relations, in 2015 everything will be dependent on the Ram's emotionality. To tell the truth, the Ram is quite a changeable wayward creature that can be violently butting you one moment and openly seeking your affection a moment later. What is the conclusion that is itching to be made? Overly emotional impulsive people will have hard time. But those who will have to deal with people like that will be in for even harder times. If your friends, relatives or management are not exactly emotionally stable, you may start preparing yourself for many trials and tests that both you and yours will have to go through. At the same time 2015 will hardly be the year of drastic changes; general star combinations don't hold a promise of any fundamental events associated with the emotional sphere. In other words, no one is talking about superhuman challenges; you simply have to be ready for your partner to unexpectedly (and as habit has it at the very last moment) drastically change their mind and all their emotional aura with it. This will likely somewhat ruin your plans, but not to the extent of making you lose your temper. Try to keep cool mind no matter what; this will greatly help you especially in critical moments. Keep in mind that it is easier for the Ram to retrieve vs. accepting a fight; but this strategy has nothing to do with cowardness but rather the peculiarities of its existence coupled with its instincts. Thus, you should think twice before making your final decision especially when such life-changing issues as moving, getting married or growing your family to include `a bundle of joy` are considered.

When it comes to health, the year of the Ram will prove quite stable, even though some nuances should be accounted for. The Goat (or the Ram) is a representative of the earth element, or to be more precise, its female aspect. This means there won't be any issues with conceiving and giving birth at all; this is an ideal time for a woman to carry and deliver an absolutely healthy baby. The Rams are not rabbits, but there is nothing wrong with their fecundity, so go for it! At the same time, it must be noted that men will be more susceptible to various illnesses and this means the stronger sex should take better care of themselves. It is hard to say which organs will be vulnerable more than others. It is probable that colds and sick lungs can pose the largest problem. But such ailments will sooner be exceptions; after all, 2015 will prove largely positive, kind and sensual. So, get in the right mindset and be prepared for the best!

Horoscope for 2015:
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