Horoscope for October 2015 for Leo

Horoscope for October 2015 Leo In October 2015, Leo may start bickering for power in their own family. This way the representatives of the royal sign of the zodiac will provoke themselves. We all remember that when everything is going well and no one does anything to hinder anybody else's living, the unrest must come soon. But it is in the middle of fall when you will toughen the family mode, so that household members will indeed have a reason to complain and murmur. The fact is that the Horoscope promises Leos a victory on all fronts: any hunting will end the king of beasts obtaining the coveted prey, so he will quickly get used to having all of the best pieces. Against this background, the relationship with close people, where everyone needs to be allocated a piece of blanket (and thus deprivation of others) and adjustments to their style of life, will seem to you somewhat burdensome. The especially categorical Leos will even refuse to cave in under the ambient mood and commit to attempting to establish an absolute monarchy within family walls. This will certainly cause people to revolt. In October, the Horoscope advises you to send your wards' irrepressible energy into a creative channel and change the lives of your families, not by terror, but with the help of newly painted walls, a new sofa or a change in the layout of the apartment. Throw all of the family forces on the improvement of comfort in the family nest, and then everyone will benefit.

In love, Leos should be proactive and creative thinkers. If you are used to hunting using the established pattern of "I came, I saw, I conquered", then think about whether your have something nice that can surprise the object of your passion? The keyword here is "nice", so be sure to consider the tastes and the life philosophy of your potential lover. Variety is fine (the existence of the "Kamasutra" proves this fact), so use your imagination to impress a partner and enrich your technique of winning hearts. Non-single Leos should pay more attention to the protection of their borders in October, or loneliness will befall for this zodiac sign unexpectedly. Suppose you have built a fortress and were lured back to your loved one, but if after the victory won by love you left for a three year quest in search for gold and to conquest the executive position on the career ladder, then you are just asking for trouble. Without the proper care, the formerly impregnable structure shall decline and fall apart into bricks. Rivals will only lend a hand to your lover, put her on their horse and speed away to a happy future with a more attentive and a less busy man. And the reason is not that in thief has a nobler title or a deeper treasure chest, just that the lack of tenderness and affection undermines any solid rock as good as the ocean waves.

If you say that Leos are stars in life, it should be recognized that in October 201 they will become the whole Sun. You will work everything out, which will be observed by your colleagues and superiors without fail. The main thing is that you are not conceited and should always remember one simple truth: the generosity and compassion is a luxury that in our world only a really strong personality can afford. Now, when you're standing firmly on your two feet and clearly see the life prospects, stretch a helping hand to those who need it. The Horoscope is not calling for you to do this for some future benefit and has no doubt that Leo is able to cope with all of life's troubles by yourself.

Advice that the stars can currently give to the Leo-businessman in the middle of fall is not to get involved in risky projects and not to get into smelly deals. Suppose now it seems that you that you are the very embodiment of Superman, Batman and Spider-Man all in one, but that's no reason to fail to pass on the authority and financial resources of the company. Do not put too much at stake, even if you have something to offer to Mrs. Fortune. Otherwise, the party can easily turn into a game of strip poker (and by the end of the month it is clear that it is not the embodiment of fortune that will be left in boxers and socks). People of creative professions will experience an unbelievable rise and inspiration in October. If your results are dependent on the arrival of the Muses, it is believed that they have thriftily entered the apartment and pulled off your shirt. Leos need to create at night and praise their masterpieces in the afternoon, then the art will start to bring this sign significant income. In mid-fall believe in yourself and do not believe those losers who repeat "this is impossible" to you over and over again. That way you will never replenish their sad ranks!


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