Horoscope for October 2015 for Taurus

Horoscope for October 2015 Taurus In October 2015, Taurus family and relatives will come out to the foreground of their lives, greatly surpassing the other aspects of their lives. People belonging to this zodiac sign will think about creating their own nest and finding a suitable pair for life. It is important now more than ever that mutual understanding and respect reigns in your partner relationship, because a strong family cannot build a castle from just one physiological passion, and this is exactly what the Taurus will want this month. Moreover, the Taurus does not intend to compromise. If a representative of this zodiac sign wakes up one morning to realize that the man sleeping beside her is just a temporary stop on the way to great love, she will silently collect her suitcase and board another train to continue the pursuit of happiness. However, this sentiment has another side: the Taurus, who has realized that he had found his home, will tear the new tickets and throw away business cards of other friends to stay with his loved one forever. As you know, the purpose of the children of the Earth in October is to find a quiet happiness in the circle of close friends.

The Taurus that are married are advised by the Horoscope in mid-fall to pay close attention to their children. Do not try to be a great parent through the banal parenting test diary or just by buying a new jacket for the child, because it is not something that small hearts expect from us. In relation to the child show more warmth and affection. Spend more time with them, not on the Internet. Believe me, heaven will not fall down on Earth if you miss a topical joke on Twitter or yet another cute picture of a kitten, but if you miss the alarm bells in the behavior or words of the younger generation, you can give yourself a headache for many years ahead. No wonder psychologists agree that many teenage complexes grow from early parental neglect.

The Horoscope advises the single Taurus to seek their own destiny among old friends and acquaintances, because to these romances the Priestess of Love, Venus will be particularly favorable. When tying a romantic relationship in October 2015, it is important for the Taurus to know that their lover shares their interests and hobbies, as well as to understand that she has flaws. You will find it to be much easier to accept the fact is that a loved one spends every weekend to with friends in a bowling alley without fail, if you observed this phenomenon over the last couple of years, rather than found this habit in a new beau. The main thing is not to try to eradicate the settled way of life, because your life partner is not clay, so that the blind figure you made will not work to your liking. The male Taurus will also respond calmly to a long-time fan due to The fact is that she appeared in his life prior to their romance, but new girlfriends are able to generate a barrage of jealousy and negative emotions in them.

If in the previous months you stubbornly ignored emerging problems, then get ready in advance that in October 2015 they will burst out like festering wounds. Imagine that the enemy fired on you a few times, and now you have to pull out of the battle and sew up the wound, apply lumbago plantain to the place of the rupture and then wait when all is well tightened. As you know, in this case, waiting is a bad tactic, so in the middle of fall you should tune into action. Unfortunately, in many tasks you will find that it will be difficult to stabilize the situation, because now you must re-open the wound and dig into it, which is undoubtedly very painful. The Taurus must perceive the incident as a life lesson and no longer rely on luck in affairs, other people, or plantain. Our successes are called such because they are achieved by our forces. In October, your strength may not be enough for you to deal with all the problems you will encounter. Some questions require a more profound professional knowledge and some reveal your ignorance in related fields. This month, you will feel your own weaknesses especially keenly, which, naturally, will not lead you into joy. The Horoscope Taurus advises not to gnaw their elbows furiously, instead opting to seek advice from competent professionals. If you decide that you do not want a repetition of such a situation in the future, nothing prevents you to enroll in the appropriate courses or read the necessary literature. In October 2015, the Taurus should stiffen and pull the heavy cart of employment duties on the mountain of life. Then in the following months, this zodiac sign should await an easy descent, resembling a pleasant walk in good weather.


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