Horoscope for October 2015 for Virgo

Horoscope for October 2015 Virgo In October 2015 Virgo will be taught an important lesson: not all situations in life should be perceived as if they affect the fate of all mankind. The representatives of this zodiac sign are used to managing, analyzing, laying everything on the shelves, drawing conclusions, and taking responsibility for them. For the especially responsible Virgo even buying a slightly rotten salad is a tragic mistake which casts a shadow on their reputation at home. I think you already knew that it was time to relax, just loosen the corset of your own ideals, which make you keep your back straight 24 hours a day. Just live for yourself. Do not smile if you do not want to, throw the dumplings into the pot if you do not want to cook a more advanced dinner, take the money out of the drain cleaner fund and spend them on a new dress! In October, arrange a month off from yourself, and you will immediately feel that more light comes in when you are breathing deeply.

The free and liberated Virgo undoubtedly will attract many interested looks from the opposite sex. The Horoscope does not just advise, it downright insists that the representatives of this zodiac sign take advantage of the situation and get plunged into a wave of flirting and light-headedness. Let the wind will blow away serious thoughts out of your head, leaving only the ability to laugh heartily and display fervently sparkling eyes. Every person in life needs a little romantic adventure, a heating soul, even if this is not love that is destined to grow into a strong, happy marriage. Those of the Virgo, which in October 2015 do not want to lose their heads, should look for a pair to match. Do not let the omissions and misunderstandings come between you and your chosen one, or both of you will lose lots of time on a useless relationship. Each person has their hopes and expectations and sometimes they look like a total mismatch of partners, just like a stool and strawberries (that is absolutely not contiguous and located in different areas of life). For example, we want to live with the chosen one all our lives and put false teeth in a glass, then settle for a quickie after a glass of martini. Try not to become a mid-fall hostage to your own dreams. Otherwise, you would have given up on life. Remember the common psychological test, forcing the participants to associate themselves with any object and looking for a partner from the same category of associations that you are. If the Virgo presented herself a sandwich with cheese, then go search for a sandwich with sausage, not Saturn. In October 2015, do not attempt to reconcile the irreconcilable, because it will bring you no good.

In this month, the Horoscope advises Virgos to work on their ability to delegate authority. If you pounce on subordinates like a gangster in a dark alley and potential lovers are all more or less complex projects, it is urgent that you review your tactics. The representatives of this demanding zodiac sign may find it worth bearing in mind that the subordinates who did not receive a certain level of responsibility and got frozen on a stage of "bring-fetch" will then flee to other companies. Virgos need to get used to the idea that one day they will not be able to pull the entire body of work alone and will feel the need for a strong ally, but, looking around, you find yourself around just green assistants. Ideally, your team should be able to seize the reins of power, even if one day the magic wind will blow your house to a fairy-tale land of Oz. Virgos must be sure that while they stomp on the road paved with yellow brick, clients do not run away from the abusive yelling, competitors are not receiving your lucrative contracts, and the products are produced and sold successfully. Do not grip the talent too tightly, because the only way you can grow a worthy successor is by not doing so. The Horoscope warns that in October, Virgos will be sharp and quick-tempered, so that the rest of the zodiac signs have to experience its poisonous injections the hard way. You will find it hard to bear any violation of the previously drawn plans and arrangements. Your habit of being restrained will only make the situation worse, since, remaining silent four times, the fifth will be a flash of rage incommensurate with the magnitude of the problem. Agree that the people around may find it odd that you yell at an employee of the purchasing department because he brought colored paper clips instead of black. Try to keep yourself collected and in particularly critical situations do not neglect the metaphorical tranquilizer. Otherwise, you will soon start abusing the whole working team!


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