Horoscope for October 2015 for Pisces

Horoscope for October 2015 Pisces In October 2015, storm and thunderstorm will subside in the Pisces habitat and the undercurrents will slow down. This period is not expected to bring much hardship and turmoil. Any other sign of the zodiac, would have already jumped with joy upon reading this horoscope, but not you. In the middle of fall, the Pisces were configured properly to have fun, enjoy a swim in the turbulent flow and swing on the high waves, but instead they are faced with a calm puddle. You feel as if you invited a bunch of friends to your birthday party, made the house shine, prepared many goodies, dressed in a great outfit ... and no one came. Now you sit in the company of a festive table and feel like an idiot. To get rid of these painful sensations in October, the Pisces will begin to search for adventure. Luck will befall those who decide to simply find a new hobby, because replacing tango lessons to origami classes does not revolutionize their lives (at least, we have not yet met the man whose fate changed because of being a bad dancer, but being a master at folding paper cranes). However, the true representatives of this zodiac sign will be unpredictable and may decide on more serious steps like shift work, taking a break in the relationship, or moving to another city. Mentally, it will come to the minds of 99% of the Pisces, but in reality to such fundamental changes will commit only five. All other Pisces will safely survive their mild depression caused by the monotony of existence and will continue to live as they have before.

In love, the Horoscope promises the Pisces a lack of diversity in mid-fall. If you want to get a restaurant menu from life, which boasts dozens of delicious dishes and snacks, in October you will find severe disappointment instead. This month, our diet is rather monotonous and poor. Single people are most likely to remain in this predicament and those that are not will continue to meet with the old partner. Consider that the entire 31-day you have breakfast and dine at home, eating what you are given. If someone is not satisfied with such a scenario, the Horoscope advises you to remember that our world is full of people who go to bed hungry and trips to restaurants generally require significant energy and financial costs. Use a period of calm in order to resolve the accumulated problems in the love life and sincerely rejoice that your pair finally reached stability.

In October 2015, the universe will require aquatic inhabitants of the depths to justify the saying of "silent like a fish", because silence will be appreciated by its weight of gold this month, or maybe even by its weight in platinum. Surrounding people will suddenly become extremely vulnerable (and even worse vindictive), so we should expect difficulties in interpersonal communication. What seems to you as a funny joke for someone else is a deadly insult, so be careful in your statements. You are now in a field where gentle hedgehogs are lying belly up. Once you lightly touch one of the spiny inhabitants, they curl up into a ball with an angry snort and try to painfully stab the abuser. If you do not want to be bristling with needles sharper than the Mexican cactus, then learn to keep your mouth shut.

In mid-fall, at work the Pisces need to find a counterbalance to emphasize their positive qualities and hide the negative ones. You know that you easily acquire a tan, but you can also easily cool down and score on the job that way. Take companions of this zodiac sign as an example, they accelerate hard, pull the lever until the very end and consider time off to almost be the eighth deadly sin. Do not be afraid of people who are very different from us, because in this way we are able to look at the world from a different angle. In October, the Horoscope promises Pisces a visit from Mrs. Fortune, so be ready for a gift of fate. No, the astrologers do foretell us a waterfall of happy coincidences, lottery winnings and heaps of inheritance, but at least one good offer will arrive and knock on your door. The main thing is that Pisces should not panic and clutch the chance if given will all its fins. Do not pass up your piece of the life pie out of fear of failure. No matter how big it may seem, you will certainly have the strength to chew and swallow it. In October 2015, our strength lies in the belief in ourselves, so do not undermine yourself.


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