Horoscope for October 2015 for Capricorn

Horoscope for October 2015 Capricorn In October 2015, the Priestess of Love Venus will become insanely bored, so she will decide to diversify her life at the expense of Capricorn. The fact is that the situation endured by the representatives of this zodiac sign in their personal life will begin to resemble a knot and a tangle, with which a playful kitten played for an hour or so. In social networks instead of status "it's complicated", the status "I am Capricorn" will say it all. In the coming period, the stars are fluent in their predictions, whether you live in a cohabiting relationship or married as a student, and now quietly raise two children and a hamster - the fate of each person will offer his own month. This month, many lovers will quarrel from scratch, causing the usually reserved and quiet Capricorn to flare up and make a significant contribution to squabbles that erupted. The couples will collide with graying hair in the middle of fall. It seems like they are all part of a TV show, with the psychological drama and romantic comedy in one bottle. The Horoscope warns against hasty actions and decisions, because now our analytical skills leave much to be desired. Even if it seems that you finally met the only thing that could your fate itself, you should still not be in a hurry to throw in a bag and leave to the jointly acquired property to start a family with children. Maybe in a few months, the inability to cook nourishing borscht and the ineradicable habit of writing "cow" through an "a" will leave only horns and legs of feelings that erupted previously. No less cautious in October should be a Capricorn woman. The fact is that for a weak woman's heart, love till death may seem like a natural presumption, while for her lover it may be only be a mild intrigue. In general; however deeply Cupid drove you into the boom, do not dare to burn the bridges behind you and go having a frank confession to your legitimate half. Otherwise, there is a risk to turn a difficult situation into a fatal one. Give the new relationship a chance to prove its strength and the firmness, because a teenage maximalist attitude and spontaneity in love can only do harm. In October, the Capricorns should change up their boredom and start family decorations in the apartment repairs, or at least should get busy moving their furniture. Slide some Feng Shui on your bed and cover it with a fiery red plaid, symbolizing passion. Then there is a chance that your secret fantasies materialize. And it's not the powerful influence of the position of things in space in our lives, but that in this way you are mentally formulating exactly what you want to change and identifying ways to achieve the desired.

In October 2015, the Horoscope advises the Capricorns to become the first company activist who is willing to spend the day and sleep at work (well, maybe pretends that he is ready to). Labor enthusiasm alone will not work if this zodiac sign will not show his official zeal to superiors. If you feel that pushing yourself is an occupation worthy of sycophants and flatterers, think about it: if the leadership has more than 1000 employees under its watchful eye, it is not able to constantly monitor each employee's contribution to the common cause. In this case you are not cheating, but informing them. This month, the Capricorns should bond with peers and find common ground with them not only professionally but also personally. It will be not so difficult, since despite the apparent differences, we are similar in many ways: watching the same television programs, suffering from oppressions from our father-in-law and having dreams of clever gadgets. A new approach to the world will help you to open up to the workforce by demonstrating that the company is a working class, a team of reliable staff with a good sense of humor.

October weakness for the representatives of this zodiac sign will be their dependence on public opinion. The fact is that you have made a step towards the people has another consequence: the new friends of the good faith will paraphrase everything about they've ever been told by others. Given how vulnerable the psyche of Capricorn is in the middle of the fall, their reaction will be quite acute. If the review was positive, you will shine like polished coin and hang an invisible medal on your chest. If Capricorn hears something negative about himself, then he will plunge into the abyss of reflection and self-destruction, and the higher the position of the author's words, the deeper they will dive. In October 2015, take some nails and a hammer on all statements about you as a person, because the most important thing in our lives is to have our own opinion and be able to defend it!


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