Horoscope for October 2015 for Gemini

Horoscope for October 2015 Gemini In October 2015, people born under the sign of Gemini will resemble a bottle of soda, which is stirred well at first and then opened. Hissing gas and a pillar of foam bubbles will produce a stunning effect about you as you look into the eyes of the people around yourself. In the coming month, the actions and reactions of this zodiac sign will be extremely difficult to calculate. That event, which in one case will the Gemini laugh and start harmless banter, might cause resentment and a bloody vendetta the very next day. The children of Air are people of emotions, so even a Horoscope finds it difficult to predict what kind of mood will dominate the Gemini this fall. One thing is certain: in October, you will require recharging as a shrunken cell phone and without a constant supply of fresh impressions life will seem black and as sad as a display of extinct species. It is for this reason that this month is fraught with crazy things and reckless actions on behalf of this zodiac sign. No, the stars are not against living life to the fullest (to have something to remember in the old age), but try to contain the madness in your personal life, because unreasoned decisions in the professional field can cost you a lot more.

Love relationships will go at the pace and under the music that the Gemini chooses in the middle of fall. People configured on having fun will spend many pleasant hours in the company of new friends of the opposite sex. If you want comfort and warmth of the family, the universe certainly will bring you to the right person. The main thing is that you do not let them pass by without noticing you. In October 2015, a sparkling, fun and drunk life will be like fine wine, drunk to the bottom, savoring every drop. Then your inner light will break through to the outside world and dazzle potential lover. However, not all of the Gemini will have a sky that is of a carefree blue color this month, because some representatives of this zodiac sign will fall into treacherous traps and nets of the Priestess of Love - Venus. This fall, the children of Air will have to suffer the uncertainty of when the subject of their sympathy suddenly becomes silent in the middle of a love dialogue, and between the hearts hangs oppressive silence. Do not consider this the end of the play, since it is just an intermission, and the viewer, who is left after the first act, never knows what ended the story - a tragedy or a happy ending. Just sit with your loved one in silence, without requiring them to provide solutions, answers, or action. The lack of pressure will help to understand their feelings, so give this opportunity to your partner, and then he will make the right choice!

In October 2015, the Horoscope advises Gemini to remember that sticking your nose up to the office ceiling is dangerous to your health. In this position, it is easy to stumble on a printer, a fax, or slip on the wet floor, so make your conclusions based on that. In mid-fall, success comes for balanced, calm personalities, to which the children of Air hardly belong. You will have to reason with your hot temper and stop throwing yourself at people like a man-eating tiger once they express doubts in your action plan. Self-criticism will be noted by the council from the side - that's a panacea for excessive conceit on professional grounds. Even if the previous three quarters of the year you were told that you are the star and had the support of the entire company, that is still not a reason in October to behave as if you are the only star and the only pillar upon which everything stands. Believe me, the working team is composed of a plurality of cells, and when one begins to spoil the life of the body, then it is simply cut out.

This month, it is likely that the Gemini will try to be pulled in the office wars, but winning is not promised to this zodiac sign by the Horoscope. Most likely you will decide to use yourself as cannon fodder, so consider whether you want to expose your head for the sake of someone else's coveted promotion or to get rid of inconvenient colleagues with your hands? Engage your natural charm and gently slide away aside from professional fights. Let the office have as many residents waving fists as it can fit and even if the threats roll in - you do not touch their conflicts. Sit quietly in your corner and directly engage in your duties at the right moment to give the authorities the result, not a pile of excuses for undone work. In October 2015, the Gemini should become a peaceful cat from a cartoon that says: "Guys, let's live together peacefully."


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