Horoscope for December 2015 for Scorpio

Horoscope for December 2015 Scorpio In December 2015, the universe, by its nature will resemble a medieval usurper, who helps out in a difficult moment, then removes your shirt and sells you into slavery. During this period, the stars will not tolerate arrears, so if you have any, then do everything possible to repay them. No matter what kind of debt is in question: cash, card, marital - must repay all, then to not splurge on predatory percentage. Another important detail, which the Horoscope advises to remember is a necessity not only to receive but to give. Nothing in this world is given for free, but for the benefit of the need to repay. The Scorpios have to understand that every little thing, which they own, once have been paid for, so it stands to be appreciated and cherished. It is foolish to lament the fact is that instead of bungalows on a tropical island you own only one bedroom apartment on the outskirts of the city, because someone did not get that either. The representatives of such a categorical zodiac sign just need to learn to find joy even in everyday moments. Otherwise, they risk getting bogged down in pessimism and negativity, as if in the swamp. Once you said to yourself: "I'm unhappy," you can fall into the quagmire of regrets and spend the rest of life on the complaints and whining.

In December, the Planet of Love, Venus will demonstrate to Scorpio that it is of no wonder that her corresponding goddess is considered to be the most insidious inmate of Olympus in the Greek mythology. Many people stray down, trying to please their chosen one, but will receive in response only coldness and detachment. It will seem that your efforts can already make an iceberg melt and you were besieging the fortress as well as costs, not even thinking of giving up, but its protectors still release mocking comments against the invaders. The Horoscope advises its aquatic pets to relax and do not consider the process of courtship as a bloody war, which aims to bring the enemy to a complete capitulation. Some mild signs of the zodiac, you know, get scared when they see the shine in your eyes and a maniacal thirst for victory at any price. Love is so good that it cannot be defeated, even if you are surrendering to the mercy of the enemy, so manifest delicacy and tenderness towards your loved one in this month. If he sees that you are driven by passion not by a hunting instinct and not by inflated self-esteem, he will cease to resist and give you a chance. Those Scorpios who at the end of 2015, remained in tangled nodes and unresolved issues should not try to eliminate them by force. Our fate is not the accounting records, and the fact is that if you have not closed any item by December 31 will not cause the tax authorities of life to penalize you. Leave a complicated matter for later, do not waste your nerves and strength. Remember the famous rule of the Asian sage Nasreddin Hodja, who said "after 10 years, either the Sultan dies, or the donkey dies", and enjoy life, not fearing the wrath of the ruler. I'm sure this is not worth it to suffer from insomnia at night and lie in hospital with a heart attack, to prove the correctness of your attitude to life. Breathe deeply and do not weep over the misfortunes that have not happened yet.

The work will be especially lucky for the Scorpios who are able to walk on the razor's edge. In December, the money will float to those signs of the zodiac who are able to lure it and then keep it. If the mouse is not caught by putting a piece of cheese in a mousetrap, you will not get rich by investing start-up capital into this business. I do not know whether a dollar saves a penny, but putting a dollar in the market will help it grow. During this period, the children of Water will not prevent the support of the people around them, but, unfortunately, relations with colleagues will emerge not the best way. This categorical and stubborn zodiac sign will not change his principles at the beginning of winter, so that all the offices of your country should await hot battles and verbal skirmishes. This month's plan at the nearby tables is to shove the Scorpios into the river creating a spectacular carnage until the last breath of the survivor guarantees victory. The Horoscope advises you to control yourself and not to succumb to provocations and taunts. Who knows, maybe the offender specifically makes you a negative reaction to expose you in front of the entire office as a socially dangerous lunatic. In December 2015, do not give in to vent to your emotions, and then you have plenty to laugh over their as you displace your offenders from the leadership chairs!


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