Horoscope for December 2015 for Gemini

Horoscope for December 2015 Gemini December 2015 cannot be called easy month for the zodiac sign is Gemini. Although the Horoscope does not promise people tragedies and crushing defeats, small obstacles and potholes must be met on the path of life. During this period, Ms. Fate will charm the Gemini into questioning themselves, so those children of Air who considered themselves the perfection will lose this faith. The fact is that you will meet with a man who seems better, smarter, more beautiful and wittier than you. Feeling of admiration will gradually outgrow into liking, and then, you never know, even into love! Contrary to his habit of throwing a lightning attack and conquering the chosen one with pressure and passion, in early winter the Gemini will prefer not to wage a siege, but conduct intelligence activities. You will be based in the bushes, watching the vending fortress and making calculations as to whether it is better to go into the assault or it is better to enter the castle on the Rights of the guest and friend. The Horoscope fully endorses making tactics by this zodiac sign of Air, since upon closer inspection some of the fortresses turn out to be prisons from which, oh, it can be so hard to get out. A closer eye on your new friends will help you take your time instead of rushing into the abyss of love with your head first. In the still waters there can be not just the innocent clownfish, but also the ravenous piranha that will leave you miserable with no flesh left on the skeleton.

For a family Gemini, December will be a time to remain under the guidance of comfort of the home roof. You will not regret the funds used to make improvements to the interior and to please the household. Your relationships with relatives during this period will vary, but usually with warmth and sincerity. You will begin to communicate more with the people dear to you, finding common joys and sorrows worth overcoming. Gemini is one of the few signs of the zodiac, which is able to share its wealth and emotions with ease, warming the surrounding with its inner light. Unfortunately, not all of this month will be as carefree and rosy as we would like. The Horoscope warns his proteges that the end of 2015 could be marred by visits to the hospital. Do not compromise your health. Remember, if something hurts, do not be lazy to go to the doctor at the first symptoms of anxiety, and then you will be able to shed away only a little blood.

The Celestial Office responsible for the affairs of the Gemini will complete all of the calculations with this sign of the zodiac exactly up to the December 31, 2015, (apparently to no interference to celebrate the New Year holidays). All you have earned over the previous 11 months will fall on your head at the beginning of winter, having you pleased or upset. People who showed levity and optionality at work, will have a lot of distance to run in order to patch up all the holes and pay off their debts up to midnight. Those Gemini who, on the contrary, behaved well throughout the entire 2015, did not violate the deadlines and did not try to climb onto the podium by standing on the back of their neighbors, can rely on gifts from Santa Claus. During this period, much will still depend on our attitude. At the end of the year, it is necessary to look at the world as a set of possibilities, rather than an assembly of complexities. If you continue to go through life with optimism and good humor, then you will not miss any of its opportunity. However, the Horoscope advises Gemini that in December, excessive naivety and gullibility can lead to tragic results. Treat your business project like an approach to strange exotic cuisine: even if the dish looks nice, smells good and is inexpensive, you do not know 100% whether you should still scratch at it with your spoon (who knows, maybe under the top layer of green hides something inedible). If you do not want to get into the race with outsiders on the career ladder, don't want to eat a poisoned stale piece, then carefully watch and sniff before dragging something into your mouth.

Late 2015, the Horoscope advises Gemini to carry it big and positive. If you will behave accordingly the characteristics endowed by your zodiac sign then all will be well. The Gemini should be fun, easy-going and sociable, and then Fortune will avoid laughing them right in the face and will not leave them without her attention in December 2015.


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