Horoscope for December 2015 for Virgo

Horoscope for December 2015 Virgo If you belong to the category of Virgo-workaholics, in late 2015, you will need to have a small timeout, or in response to rush jobs and deadlines your partner will show you a red card and remove you from their fields. In December, the Horoscope advises that the sign which disappears in the office, forgetting about the existence of the phone to call their lover rethinks that strategy. You are not a lost puppy, so looking around the area and sticking ads on poles with your image will not be something your mate will consider. If the Virgo strongly deviates from the heart of those dear, it can lose their trust and love. At the beginning of winter, the practical children of the Earth must remember the law of the great physicist Pascal, who spoke to humanity: "The pressure is transmitted to any point without any changes in all directions." In other words, you may have problems with superiors, health, banks, insurance companies or the neighbor's dog, but the ultimate suffering is the entire sphere of life, which at the moment is very weak and exhausted. The Horoscope assures us that in December the wall breaks where it is thin, so the Virgo must urgently turn over their reality in search of holes and loopholes. If your romantic relationship has given flow and the water slowly seeps into the hold, then rest assured that this month it will sink the ship unless you do something about it.

Virgos that are single by the early winter should remember enjoyable flirtation and non-binding dates. The representatives of this zodiac sign will be more familiar and will dare to let new people into their lives, which will undoubtedly benefit them. Most likely the Virgo and her choice will immediately understand each other correctly, thus avoiding mutual accusations of abuse on the brain and complaints of ruined lives. The Horoscope advises during the first meeting not to analyze the appearance or the material income of the people, but rather the extent to which your life goals and priorities coincide. A new friend can be a millionaire, a master of sports and in the top pretty boy version of any woman from 7 to 70 years of age, but if you and he inhabit parallel planes, then nothing good will come from this romance. At best, you will suffer a month or another trek to the psychotherapist and hover over girlfriend's brains on the subject of "all men are jerks." For Virgos, an unhappy relationship means the lowering of self-esteem (clear without comments), the loss of money (the cost of the therapist and new shoes) and the disappearance of a number of friends from the horizon (if complaints about failed romance will absolutely bore them). The representatives of this zodiac sign are usually not mixing laughter and tears, so the hilarious story of "How We Broke up This Summer" will not be well received. If your love puzzle does not work out in December, then friends and family will have to spend many boring hours listening to your moaning. Although, honestly, the friends that cannot support you during the rough times because this is not the most interesting expenditure of their time, might as well not be your friends at all.

In the early winter, the Virgo brain will start to work like a Swiss watch, accurately, clearly and without interruption. In your body there will be no single superfluous or missing parts - each part is working towards your success. Particularly fanatical representatives of this zodiac sign will think that people are given the hand to print their letters to clients, and legs in order to catch up with customers and force them to sign a contract. Despite the fact that in December 2015 you will go uphill, the Virgos cannot forget about exposing their business to risk, because the coming period is fraught with financial failures and downturns. Very often from successful businessman to complete the bankrupt we are only one deal away, so in business games try not to overstep the line. In any business offers, the Horoscope advises you to first test the pitfalls and determine where the legs grow from one project or another, because they can grow from such an ass, from which a few months later have to be rescued from. Employees who once chose to light the office with their own project will be satisfied with the outcome of this period. The authorities have not stinted on the New Year Award and life will appreciate a steady flow of tasks (if you are, of course, not Santa Claus running on a call). Try not to rush into business hotspots early in the winter and avoid close-feeding your market share from competitors. Virgos must remember the advice in the first part of our Horoscope and defer heroic deeds until next year. In December 2015, refer to the rule that everything in life has to be balanced, and balance family evenings on weekdays.


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