Horoscope for December 2015

Horoscope for December 2015 End of 2015 is the perfect time to take stock. December will be a period of showdowns and removing masks. If we compare our lives with the one lead by a detective in a novel, then this is the part when we finally finish reading the product to the last page and find out who the murderer in this production, who is the victim and who is a minor character. Many of the zodiac signs will fall into a situation where their dirty laundry fell out of the basket on public display. In this case, the best remedy for painful shame is clean hands and a bright mind. Remember that it only depends on us what role we will play for the vital staging. If in the previous 12 months, you did not mess with anything serious, then you will have nothing special to expose, but the people who have something to hide will have reason to be fidgety. In romantic relationships, couples should be waiting for a lens effect: all the advantages and disadvantages of a partner will suddenly be exaggerated several times, so rejoicing and grieving will be much stronger and more frequent. Our emotions will not be playing the last role that in the coming period and will worsen like the sense of smell of a pregnant woman. Lovers who failed to resolve their internal contradictions before winter or risk it all, because rare zodiac signs can withstand those storms, thunderstorms and volcanic lava, which will fall on their heads during that time. But the pair in which true feelings reign will finally understand and appreciate each other. If you belong to one of these couples, keep in mind that the Horoscope advises not to wait for the New Year and to translate the romance to a new level now. Life does not begin on Monday and the first of January, it is here and now, so drop off the fluctuations and do what you so desire!

In marriage, the Horoscope advocates understanding and mutual respect. Great importance will be given to not only our actions but also words in December 2015. Perhaps the coming month is a golden time for those signs of the zodiac which are able to sing the praises to their lover's cooking, composing odes about the pressed shirts and have a good base of compliments regarding the eyes, hands and inner qualities of a loved one. Even if your partner has conceit as high as M. Everest and has an impenetrable confidence in their own perfection, they will be glad to once again listen to the recitation own merits out of your mouth. Brutal, terse knights now out of favor, and beautiful princesses prefer to run with the sweet minstrels who can strum a lute to make them turn their heads. Silence is perceived as our reluctance to shift to their own problems and as a sign of indifference and coldness. In December, do not try to hide anything from loved ones, or to the end of 2015, they may be not quite so your loved ones. Priestess of Love, Venus will require the wards to have an open soul, a fiery passion and mutual respect in this period. The wishes of this lady should be treated seriously. Do not cover the heart, soul and mind of the people who are dear to you, then you will not encounter their discontent.

In general, the beginning of winter will be quite a good period for humanity. Representatives of many zodiac signs can complete old business and take over the projects that they have long admired, but did not dare to take. Simple but effective solutions, trivial ideas and unexpected business insights - that's what we will remember in December 2015. You will feel as if the Lord turned on an indistinguishable bright light bulb in your head, while the others have a cut in their electricity several times a day. Do not be afraid to expose the stars to a huge electricity bill, so use it without limits and restrictions. This month is ideal for a career change or to expand your activities. New knowledge will be absorbed in us, like the water in the dry land, the people do not even have to make an effort to learn the entire volume of the necessary and useful information. Courses, internships, training, and advising seniors who are experienced colleagues will help many zodiac signs to significantly increase their knowledge. The Horoscope fully supports humanity in its effort to learn more of the new, useful and interesting, so do not miss the opportunity to expand your horizons. Intelligence is not a suitcase without wheels to the ground and will pull without you always having to pay for reloading. In December 2015, place a bet on your brain and play by the rules, if you do not want to be a puppet in the hands of others!


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