Horoscope for December 2015 for Cancer

Horoscope for December 2015 Cancer In December 2015, those born under the zodiac sign of Cancer will get the life role of a viewer on a good theatrical production. Stars, singers, dancers and extras will be at arm's length, easy fight, easy to fall in love with, performing feats and weaving intrigue. All you will have to do is to applaud the talents and boo the mediocrity. Do not think that the passive position of Cancer is caused by his desire to relax in the easy chair, instead of sweating under the spotlight. No, the Cancers do not mind to be the center of attention and earn their share of flowers and applause, but damn shyness is ruining the bud of all their ambitious dreams. If you are a competent person and a strict boss in the office, then outside the protective walls you have the spirit of uncertainty which subjugates your will. As a result, during a party, or in the company of unfamiliar people you painfully blush, mumble something unintelligible and try to pick up an interesting conversationalist topic in vain. This lack of confidence in your own charisma prevents you from emerging victorious from the battles of love. You, unlike the other zodiac signs, do not even need an opponent to lower your self-esteem from the level of "I'm good" to "I'm a complete jerk." The Horoscope advises his wards to temporarily suspend the search for a partner in December (it is not the season, not the right position of the stars) and come to grips with the need for their own self-esteem increase. No matter how you will reach the inner self: start reading books, sign up to the reception of a therapist or hang a poster of 50 Cent in the bathroom and convince yourself that this is a mirror - the main method should bring results.

In family, Cancers may feel somewhat uncomfortable which will be for Cancers like a blow below the belt. You can handle many things: harmful bosses, treacherous colleagues, a scandalous neighbor, but any conflict in native walls hits you like a hammer on a finger. Cancers appreciating their family may think that it might fall apart because of quarrels and scandals. Unfortunately, in December 2015, you will be faced with a lack of confidence on the part of the closest people. Mutual understanding between the members of your family will be thinned like the dough with a rolling pin under a skillful hostess. You will be left with a burning nostalgia for the days when you understood each other perfectly, with a fleeting glance. Cancers can describe a very promising business plan at dinner and get a response of such puzzled looks as if he proposed to open a restaurant on the Moon or sell the suit he's wearing to the President of America. The Horoscope advises the representatives of this zodiac sign to not bury their family relationships too soon in their minds. Yes, without understanding between loving people there is no speech of a strong family, but the current situation is a temporary phenomenon. Believe me, December will pass and the stars will return to their usual seats.

In the beginning of winter, Cancers need all of their exposure and hard work qualities, which have been awarded to them by their nature. Events will not always develop the way you want them to, so you will spend lots of time trying to fix what was designed by Ms. Fortune. But do not think that in this month, laughing wickedly, she will begin to put you behind on the bandwagon. No, she will not stop you from achieving success, but be prepared to work. Figuratively speaking, in order to eat barbeque out in the country, you will have to marinate the meat, string it up on the skewers, and onto the assembled barbecue stand. The path from a raw piece of a fat piece of meat to a fragrant kebab is long and complicated, but the result is worth it! Do not be afraid of the work, no matter how difficult it may seem to you. Even if the eyes are afraid, the hands should keep doing (but with the proviso that the head still works). Cancers that will show undue haste in the tasks will go into 2016 with a hungry stomach. If other zodiac signs can fix, amend, and make adjustments to find the right combination of ingredients, your destiny gives you only one set of products for cooking dinner, and if you screw it up, then you are left with nothing. In December, cook food over a slow fire, and then you will not have to chew inedible embers!


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