Horoscope for December 2015 for Aquarius

Horoscope for December 2015 Aquarius In December 2015, the vital hierarchy of Aquarius will be like the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Surrounding people can discuss any number of members of this sign of the zodiac, to praise or scold them, admire or pour scorn - these children of Water will remain absolutely indifferent to the hubbub around their person. Aquarians know exactly that what constitutes a masterpiece may cost many millions of dollars, so do not see any reason to worry about "what will be the talk of Princess Betty Sue." The Horoscope supports your decision not to sink into the muck and not be kept for cheap flattery, but watch carefully so that internal self-sufficiency is not developed into blatant complacency.

At the end of 2015, 1st place for Aquarius is occupied by neither the personal nor the professional life. Other zodiac signs should learn from them, leaving the business issues beyond the threshold of the office and not washing their dirty linen in public. In December, we hardly see the Aquarian complaining to colleagues in the smoking room about his wife's mother, and also it is unlikely that during a family feast they will describe an important raw material batch detained by customs, thereby tearing the time of delivery for a mass of profitable contracts. In general, you are able to work at work and spend time with your families at home.

Single Aquarians this month will find something to rejoice, even if the Priestess of Love, Venus crosses them out temporarily from a list of her favorites. You understand that the happy or unhappy men do not romances, with no money and no friends, there is only he. If people are positive, even bad-flavored coffee in the morning will be a source of good mood, and is one is used to whining and complaining about fate, then find happiness will not help them for all the treasures of the world. Not surprisingly, in the late winter light attitude towards life will attract many new friends to the Aquarius. So we are organized, like light and struggling to get closer to the one in whom we feel an inner spark. Even if you do not find someone to give your heart to, still you will not stay a loser. New friends will help Aquarius to discover new facets and go beyond the usual boundaries. Those people who leave a furtive sigh and do not sleep at night, hoping to attract the attention of their chosen one, in December, just have to move to action. Now the situation in your love life resembles the calm before the rock falls. One has only to move a small stone, as an avalanche of feelings will overwhelm your partnership, covering it up to the head and cutting off all escape routes. The Horoscope shows that this period is most favorable for the resolution of conflicts and untangling love knots. On the one hand the Aquarius will be in harmony with the world and themselves and therefore will not prick, hurt and suppress their partner. Children of the Air will be open to dialogue and willing to compromise in order to keep beside them the heart of their dear man. On the other hand, the representatives of this sign of the zodiac will have a truly inexhaustible supply of optimism in the early winter, so they can survive failures and tears, and the loss of their favorite team with a score of "7:0". Perhaps you can even survive the end of the world and certainly outlive those people who are used to getting nervous on trifles. Abandoned Aquarius will never be phoning friends and girlfriends in search of a waterproof vest, but rather call them all to go hang out in their cheerful company.

People who are in a state of inner peace and satisfaction with their own lives, in December will take a step up the career ladder. Happy with the current state of affairs, Aquarians will not waste precious energy on empty experience and reflection and throw all their forces to become a leader. This approach will allow the representatives of this zodiac sign to squeeze out of any situation if not 100, then all 200%. Do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and take on new business. The Horoscope promises that the result will please both you and your boss (of course, if you attach a sufficient amount of effort and not let the process take its course in the hope of getting the help of celestial bodies). An important role in the promotion of the children of Air will be their gut feeling and intuition. By the boss bending his brows, you can determine what awaits the team in the near future: a Christmas bonus or mass distribution of cuffs and even the ability to not be in the wrong time in the wrong place will be priceless this month! In December 2015, Aquarius will be like a heavy duty office radar, so that in the most difficult situations, do not lose heart, and be equal to this sign of the zodiac!


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