Horoscope for December 2015 for Libra

Horoscope for December 2015 Libra In December 2015, the life of Libra will be tipped in the direction of impact of their work and decent pay. Many representatives of this zodiac sign will rush to conquer the Everest of careers and earn rank and medals on their chest. We cannot say that the reaction of relatives and loved ones in your care will be unique across the sect workaholics. If you are not bound by official ties, in the early winter you risk to encounter a partner who does not like the fact is that the bosses and colleagues that chat with you a lot more than they do. Some particularly restless Libra even manage to spend nights in their home office, hurrying to finish a project or make a report. But the lover of Libra expects full understanding and support. In marriage, many things look different, and what in the period of courtship seemed to disdain and indifference, with the acquisition of the marriage certificate goes into the category of hard work and care for the combined future. Your spouse will not object to overtime and going to work on weekends if you allow them to understand that this is for the sake of family welfare. Libra should come home tired, worn out and hungry. Agree, there is no exemplary family man who returns home in the 12th hour of the night cheerful, well-fed, and smelling of expensive alcohol and foreign spirits. Your close one should love to see that you are working and not going insolently to the left, hiding behind non-existent jobs involving all hands.

Free Libras are unlikely to find a mate in December 2015, too tight will be their schedule. The representatives of this zodiac sign will have to keep in mind hundreds of different tasks, projects, meetings and promises, so that the dream of a perfect prince or princess has almost no time left for itself. At best, you will drop a couple of unoccupied evenings when you can sit down and think about your sad single world; however, the Horoscope does not advise this. Agree that it should not be happy with the fact that you will cry for half an hour over the photographs of your former lover, drink wine clinking glasses with the mirror, and putting yourself into a tearful status on a social network. As a result, free evenings will irrevocably be ruined by your pessimism. Better to throw away romantic dreams from the head and spend time with benefits: read, watch a spectacular series or burn the hell out of the kitchen in an attempt to make chocolate muffins. In December, Libras should try to remember the end of 2015 as not only deadlines and jobs involving all hands, but also bright events in their personal lives.

Perhaps some of the zodiac signs formed the opinion that the Libras are soft and good people from whom you can easily take away candy with impunity and casually kick the owner. As well. So, this month, people will recognize that these polite pacifists are capable of beating you with a shovel and burying you in the sand for their chocolate. The Horoscope advises Libra rivals to avoid hurting, offending or teasing them in the early winter. The children of Air will fight to their last breath and their enemies will regret unleashing this war. Be prepared for the fact that December will become a conflict period, but to you it will only be of benefit. Quarrels and bickering will not occur because of the increased number of angry people or the global ICP of all mankind, but because of the fact that you finally found the strength to defend your point of view. Where a couple of weeks ago you would have retreated or remained silent, this time you get up and loudly have your say. New tactics of pressure and focus on winning will help Libras strengthen credibility in the eyes of their colleagues and gain the approval of their superiors. The main thing is that the children of Air are not distracted by the surrounding gossip and whispers in the early winter. Buy wool earplugs at the pharmacy, as not to hear everything that people say about you. Believe me, those things that you will be able to eavesdrop on, you will not really like and get very upset. If you want to get a portion of compliments and good wishes, then pretend as if you have a birthday and enjoy the waves of congratulations and praise of your extraterrestrial intelligence, charm and appeal. In all other tasks, people will talk about different shit, trying to bring this vulnerable zodiac sign of balance out of balance. In December 2015, do not let others stir up trouble in your lake, and then you will not stir up trouble with Ms. Fortune, which will be nice to remember, and not be ashamed to show off!


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