Horoscope for July 2015 for Cancer

Horoscope for July 2015 Cancer In July 2015, Cancers will become a classic fairy-tale heroine, who spends day and night sitting by the window in her tower and dreams of a handsome prince. Time goes by, and the prince has not arrived yet: whether he is too broke to buy a white horse to ride on, or he betrayed his mission of finding the fickle princess. In this month, the Horoscope says, "Enough!" Stop dreaming, sitting back and waiting for the universe to bring the big and pure love on a silver platter! While we were lying on the couch, gathering wrinkles, someone already sent the hero of our romantic dreams to pick up bread. The famous saying goes "without effort, you can't even catch a fish from the pond," to say nothing of catching a big game, such as life partner. Remember that even fairy-tale characters rushed to conquer their happiness: Cinderella went to the ball, Rapunzel descended through his hair down, and the Little Mermaid ventured into a whole other world in search of her destiny. If a girl just laid down their arms, she will grow old among the pots, die of boredom in the masonry walls or dedicate her life to the cultivation of roses in memory of the beloved. What we need is not the memory, we need a live person, so sweeping aside countless "if" - move forward!

Those Cancers who found the mistress of his heart will be able to transfer the relationship to a higher level this month. The representative of the conservative zodiac sign is ready to change and compromise to keep his or her partner. You will realize that fulfilling the requests of a loved one is not too difficult and that the inconvenience that it causes is small and insignificant compared to the joy that it brings. In July, the clawed ones can resurrect the romance, even if it beats in agony on its deathbed. That is because tenderness and heat treat any wounds. The lone Cancers, according to the predictions of astrologers, are unlikely to please the world and have a positive belief in the future. In mid-summer, you have a feeling that you live in a world of the happy couple, the ideal relationship and playing with kids. Each time a loving couple will come along your path, you will be covered with sadness and melancholy, because next to you there is not one person who will want them to disperse. Except you. In order not to fall into a deep depression, the Horoscope advises his proteges to stop idealizing other people's relationships and cease worrying about the lack of it in your own life. Life is not a chocolate marmalade cake, so it cannot be always sweet. People fight, break up, divide the children and property, kill for an apartment and hit heads with a bottle of vodka, so do not count all those with a marriage certificate automatically lucky. You should aim not to just build relationships, but find true love and create a happy family. Otherwise, all this commotion is meaningless. Finding someone who will say the coveted "yes" is easy, but to agree to spend the rest of your life with a partner experiencing only mild sympathy - that means to destroy their and your future with your own hands. Believe that true happiness is on the way and be sure to wait for it. Otherwise, what you will get from a fate is a miserable pittance instead of a super prize.

In July 2015, Cancers will try to work as much as possible to strengthen their borders, so any trespassers should not expect help, but an aimed shot. A representative of this zodiac sign will not tolerate attacks on his credibility, so people around you should select words carefully when communicating with you. Colleagues of Cancer cannot doubt his competence or talent in any case, and even if they think that they will cope with the project better, the Horoscope advises them to remain silent. This month the clawed ones are particularly sharp and short-tempered. The Cancers need to try to avoid having their current emotional instability affect the profitability of their business. It is unlikely that your business partners will like it if you threw a tantrum because of violation of terms of delivery. You are valued primarily for fairness, objectivity and iron self-control, so do not let the world be disappointed in you! In July, the Cancers have to move up the career ladder with caution of a novice motorist, not undercutting rivals on turns and observing the speed limit. Pay close attention to the analysis and planning of current affairs, because the risk - albeit a noble thing, is often quite unprofitable. In mid-summer, be honest, discreet and friendly, then you will have a successful month!


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