Horoscope for July 2015 for Pisces

Horoscope for July 2015 Pisces In July 2015, 90% of the events, emotions, and changes in the life of a Pisces will concentrate in the professional field, ignoring the one of romantic affairs. Office weekdays will be very dynamic and rich, so after a long day the representative of this zodiac sign will feel like a whale washed up on the beach, capable only of gasping for Air and sluggishly moving its fins. The Horoscope advises you not to grieve over the imbalance, because the success of the coming months will provide a solid foundation for future progress and the disproportionation can be aligned afterwards.

Romance in the life of the Pisces will be like the women on a ship in the middle of the summer, very tight and in insufficient quantities. Your loved one got used to getting compliments, enjoying sweet surprises and spending free time in interesting ways. In July, unfortunately, they will have to test routine and boredom on their skin. You are not currently inclined to show off your rich imagination in the relationship, preferring to direct creative energy on business projects. Unaccustomed to such situation, the Pisces' partners can arrange one or two scandals, forcing water into the relationship aquarium and hoping it will produce fun bubbles and a jittery effect, but the waterfowl should not blame themselves for this mini-storm. You cannot work all day to return just in time to be having a party - and not just having, mind you, but organizing one. Let your life partner take the initiative to arrange a romantic dinner or prepare a barbecue trip at the weekend. In romance, it is better to play together, because even the most talented soloist runs out of steam sooner or later, if you do not give him a break periodically.

The single Pisces will bring on the heat of their fans and admirers during this month. Looking at a representative of this zodiac sign deliberating, you will find it to be very difficult to determine whether he is immersed in the mysterious silence, or whether the effusions of your companion are silent contempt. The most persistent challengers will start to bother you, because the more time you spend on candid conversations and trying to understand the situation, the more timid you will become and will start to prefer to suffer in silence, without harassing the moods of others for a ten-day period. The Horoscope equally disapproves of both the first and the second options, predicting them being losers in the finals. People should understand that in July 2015, Pisces are not ready for change in their personal life and at the slightest attempt to pressure them will cause them to wag their tail and willfully lie down on the bottom. You just need to let events take their course, avoiding sharp turns and breaks, then the time will come when the waterfowl will be ready to answer amorous feelings.

The work in the middle of the summer will require you to lay yourself out not 100, but all 300%! Only now, astrologers cannot promise that by working for three, you will receive their salary. The fact is that incomes are growing in an arithmetic progression, while the job responsibilities in a geometric one. This could puzzle the naive Pisces. Do not waste your nerves and energy on feelings about what your boss does not appreciate. Stick to a simple formula in terms of work equalling money and do not ask the boss to care for you. You should not demand love from your colleagues. Perhaps, in July interpersonal relationships will become that one fly in the ointment for the Pisces, which is known to be able to spoil the whole barrel of honey. The Celestial Office gave this zodiac sign a certificate of good luck, but forgot to provide it with insurance from envy and malice. You must be prepared for the fact that people around will not send you cute daisies, instead digging a trapping pit under the rival's table and poisoning his coffee. This month, you will just run into condemnation from colleagues and face gossip behind your back, so I advise you to dull the sensitivity of your hearing and let the nasty remarks pass. If you follow this advice, the Horoscope further advises the Pisces to focus on the work, instead of the office wars. That way they will be able to achieve much. Think about it, what is more important: career development or approval of other people? If you have opted for the former, there is no reason to worry about the second! In July 2015, do not be afraid to break away from the shoal mates and go on a single voyage, if you think that those around you are moving in the wrong direction!


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