Horoscope for July 2015 for Virgo

Horoscope for July 2015 Virgo July 2015 will stand out as a hot time for Virgo and I am not talking about the weather. Periodically, the universe tests us strength, stress and flexibility, and in the middle of summer comes the turn of this zodiac sign. Works on all fronts will appear as if fate decided to make you perform a five-year period task in one month. Do not look at current events as having mystical underpinnings, explaining the difficulties by the fallen bad karma, sin, or induced deterioration. All that is happening now is normal and natural. Unpleasant moments and difficult situations are there to help people get to know themselves, jump over their heads, and gently palpate their limits. The coming period will not bring you global misery, so do not be discouraged, you will survive the small (though numerous) troubles with dignity and overcome a number of barriers. You have more than enough force to do so. In July, a higher power will force Virgo to pass the norm for shuttle run, so be prepared to tirelessly wander on the usual route home-work-home, and just have to do it two times faster. Your presence is needed everywhere: in the office of the boss and by family members at home, as well as by parents at the cottage, so stock up in advance of energy. Otherwise, you will not make it in such a fast pace of life. In the office, deadlines will unexpectedly merge into one thick line aimed at erasing your entire career. Household members will be ringing every 10 minutes on a mobile phone even if there is even a half-hour delay at work, demanding to bring the mammoth home, extract the meat from it and fry the cutlets. In this situation it is important to not lose the composure inherent to the Virgo zodiac sign. Do not panic. Make a list, drop the minor things and begin work on a planned important task. Do not run from corner to corner, wringing your hands, and do not jump from one task to another, even if the boss is standing at your desk, holding a pistol to your temple, and requiring that you urgently prepare a package of documents for the bank, all the while you receive calls from the tax office threatening that your relatives still not handed over the report. Remember that in any case, so many people die not from the elements or bombs, but from elementary fear.

Employment of Virgo at work will cause a murmur among the members of her family in July 2015. Your household is used to seeing you as the perfect parent or child, so a sharp transition from ironed shirts, hot meatballs or lay flat to semi-finished and dusty furniture can trigger a series of local conflicts. Take no offense to comments and criticism, but neither should you fall into self-consumption, blaming yourself for laziness and sluggishness. Even a superhero has a limit of possibilities, due to which he was not able to defeat the villain and save the world. You are not omnipotent, so there's nothing wrong with the fact that at the moment you are not pulling the double burden of professional and home affairs as efficiently as others wish. Instead of falling into depression or responding blow for blow, remember what close people do when a family member is having it bad and hard? That's right, give a helping hand. Gather the family, tell them what the situation at work is and try to convey how important it is for you to pull this project through or to achieve exactly this position. They will certainly understand and regret leaving you alone against all of life's problems. At the current level of congestion in July, a lonely Virgo will hardly find the time for romance, so the horoscope advises them to defer matrimonial plans to a less busy period. No, of course, there are some geniuses in the world who are able to charm the pretty representative of the opposite sex for five minutes just to run into the store for a bottle of yogurt and a packet of biscuits, replacing dinner, but such people are very few. Most Virgos will be rushing forward at the speed of jet rocket, thinking to reflect on the conditions of the supply of goods, mentally calculating the tranches of bank loans and finding arguments for discussions with government agencies, so they will not notice love in their path. You should not stop, even if the handsome prince will be standing at the crossroads, holding the reins of a white unicorn and waving banners reading "I am your destiny!" Do not worry, because if the real hero of the romance is not a pathetic substitute, your life paths will necessarily intersect again. In July 2015, go with the flow, but do not let the water overwhelm you and come over your head. Instead, let the flow carry you to the right place at the right time!


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