Horoscope for July 2015 for Scorpio

Horoscope for July 2015 Scorpio In July 2015, Mrs. Fortune will stretch with a mysterious smile anticipating what she has prepared for the zodiac sign of Scorpio. It is a gift. The horoscope cannot predict what is inside the colorful packaging, because Luck does not reveal all its secrets even to astrologers, but be assured that future events have an exceptionally pleasant character. Maybe your boss will become nice enough to provide you with a generous bonus or you will fall in love with a rich heiress of princely blood. Yes, even the dismissal of a long-time foe resound in the heart of a Scorpio would holiday, so the universe has many ways to please him! Usually in our world the personal and professional lives are based on the principle of an hourglass: when one half of something is to come, then something else is lost. However, in the middle of summer Scorpio will prove that the rules are there to be broken! The representatives of this zodiac sign will be equally lucky in love and in their career. Successes at work will charge you up for a romantic relationship and the feelings of love will begin to stimulate the brain activity. In July, you can hardly rush to save humanity or agree to suffer for an idea, because in life pops a healthy sense of self-interest. Scorpios will not infringe upon themselves for the sake of others close to them to have a convenient, comfortable and a pleasant stay. Most likely, if the first angry speeches come, the Scorpios will politely send critics far away into the forbidden forest and impolitely destroy selective their way out. Regardless of the form or the content, what the Scorpio says will be reduced to one simple thought: "Love me for who I am, and those who do not love me, I ask to get packing!" Such an approach will lead to you having formed a circle of close acquaintances according to the spirit of people that have something to talk about and know when to shut up. You will not worry, nor will you do internal excavation, even if the outflow of friends will become very noticeable. The time when we ate porridge just to grow, and make friends with boring nerds to have someone to write off the homework from has passed. Now we prefer to spend our time on those people who are worth it. Despite the categorical nature of this zodiac sign, the Horoscope predicts them a very favorable situation in terms of interpersonal relationships. In July, the Scorpio will lead a fairly active lifestyle, discovering uncharted spheres and meeting interesting strangers and new acquaintances. Just as the miners wash mountains of useless sand to collect their crumbs of gold, you will cross many people, forming your own stock of jewelry. The coming period is required to enrich the Scorpios, giving them friends with golden hands and a heart of gold.

In July 2015, lots of time and money will be spent by you on self-improvement. The toxic sign will want to become not just a good worker, but the best expert in their field. Every free moment will be used by a representative of this zodiac sign to acquire new knowledge. Dine with the newspaper, go to bed with a book and hang on professional forums - that will become the norm. The Horoscope warns that studying can get a Scorpio carried away, simultaneously with all the new knowledge, so you will begin to grow in the level of conflict with the external world. In July, your tongue will be like a sharp razor, ready to simply drain the opponent of blood. Heated debate, sarcastic remarks, and incorrect statements - these are potential fallouts of working in teams with a Scorpio. If this behavior becomes a habit, then soon you will become the persona non grata in your own team. People have the right to make mistakes, so do not ruin nerves and relationships with others by proving it. In any conflict situation, the Stars give advice to the Scorpios to remember that even a man who is right 99.9% of the time, is always wrong in 0.1% of tasks. So keep in mind that there is a place in your life for this most miserable error probability. In July of 2015, go ahead and do not hurt the people who are close to you at the moment. Otherwise, they will not come to you for help in the future!


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