Horoscope for July 2015 for Capricorn

Horoscope for July 2015 Capricorn In July 2015, Capricorn will open the spirit of Columbus in themselves, who does not believe that all the existing land is already open on the world map and that there are no more white spots. The representatives of this zodiac sign will rush to explore the unknown and change his and other people's lives, so that boredom and routine of their usual swamp are no longer threats. You will intuitively choose the sphere of life that needs to change and is most preferred to become the closest simulation of the desired reality. Change jobs, stop by an interesting place on your usual route home, part ways with a long-time partner - for Capricorns there are no restrictions on the scale of operations. The Horoscope looks at future fulfillment exclusively favorably, because you will not throw yourself into the sea, without previously testing the bottom and without wearing a life jacket on yourself. Natural care and caution will allow Capricorns to swim in the rough sea and reach a hunting lodge in a dense forest. Do not lose your ability to weigh factors, analyze and reason, then the successful completion of the life journey is guaranteed!

In romantic terms, Capricorns will remind an A-student in July 2015, working the night away to finish complex matrices and functions, just to find the right answer to the problem of love. If the lover of this bona fide star sign has the same patience and the desire to build a perfect relationship, the coming period will allow the pair to pass the test of strength with an "excellent" grade! Together you will disassemble each problematic situation, sort through all of the family misunderstandings, get to the roots of the turmoil, and ultimately derive your own formula for happiness and enjoy your well-deserved result. Poor thing, if the Capricorn's partner is inherently a truant-loser accustomed to travelling on the back of his responsible life partner. While you worry about the ongoing quarrels and wrestle with the problems encountered on the way, your loved one will prefer to step aside and pretend to be a bystander, without any relation to the current situation. Similarly, the Horoscope predicts such couples additional conflicts, due to their extremely differing views on what partners in family life are supposed to be like. Capricorns have to work hard to engage their lover in the process of solving their common problems, but until you learn to work together, you will attack each other and step on the very same rake over and over. Even if you do not want to call out a loved one to a frank conversation and put pressure on him or her, forcing them to draw conclusions and take action, you will still have to do it. You are not on the battlefield to lug a negligent comrade on your hump, because after all, he is quite able to walk with his own two feet in this case.

In July 2015, it is time to put aside Capricorns thirst for accumulation of money and pay attention to their own position in the workplace. You can be energetic employees with decent percentage of sales, but in the office hierarchy you are taking the position a simple jack. Too bad, as it is time to become king, or even an ace (in a game where ace is high). Notice how the people around you are, how they listen to your opinion and how often they ask for advice. If you feel that your authority is not as great as you would like, then start to work in this direction. The Horoscope advises his proteges to remember that reputation can be established as both as a strong ally and as an insidious enemy moving up the career ladder. This month, the Capricorns will have to climb higher in the eyes of their superiors and colleagues. Otherwise, this zodiac sign will have to spend some time looking at people from the bottom up. To implement their plan, it will be necessary to show flexibility worthy of a circus gymnast. Sometimes, in order to conclude a major contract, get the right approval or enlist the support of an influential person, you have to bend under the improbable angle, smile with all 32 teeth, beat the drum and dance the sword dance. If the Capricorn is willing to set their plank high, they will get the jump on their numerous competitors. Good things do not just accrue themselves, you are not an underdeveloped country getting humanitarian aid. If you have made every effort and showed angelic patience, by the end of July you will not be left with nothing. Play for the role of a wish-granting goldfish and then Fate will necessarily give you a palace instead of shacks and leggy model instead of an old woman!


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