Horoscope for July 2015 for Taurus

Horoscope for July 2015 Taurus In July 2015, Taurus will want to forget about the image of a serious, sensible sign of the zodiac and play ball. This is not a protest against peace and is not an indicator of internal discord, just all "adult" thoughts will fly into one of their ears and then immediately depart from another. The eternal questions of "What?", "Who is to blame?", "To be or not to be?" will no longer disturb you, because the world is full of more interesting topics. Taurus will talk about the latest collection of the fashion house Chanel with great interest, sit on Facebook for hours or discuss the next Hollywood sex symbol with a friend. This month, the representatives of the element of Earth are throwing off the load of obligations and ripping off the blindfold of prejudice, looking at life with fresh eyes and abandoning any restrictions of inner freedom. The change will be so drastic that others simply not know what happened to the usually serious Taurus. Even yesterday, you could not walk properly on your job if your boss lied about a migraine attack or a sudden cold. And now you can, and now taking sandwiches and pulling the old sneakers, you will go to town to enjoy the fresh air and hot sun. Classic Taurus would not ogle visitors at the next table, while his legitimate lover is studying the menu, but in mid-summer, classic is not a trend in this zodiac sign! The world is full of things you never did and which you should try to do in July, so get ready for an interesting and exciting time!

Taking everything from life, you, nevertheless, must always remember that mankind is a network of related organisms and your freedom can cause someone's grief. If you have a one-day affair, being fascinated and breaking hearts, this pain will ever return to you a hundredfold. The Horoscope advises Taurus against hasty, selfish actions that can bring misfortune to others. If you are not fixated solely on your own needs, you can have fun and live a good month, while others will not incur much harm. The lonely Taurus is unlikely to seek love to the grave in July 2015, so people that are too pushy and intrusive should be avoided at all costs. The best way to get rid of a boyfriend from this zodiac sign is to overwhelm his love texts, browse with him defiantly the sites of wedding themes and forcibly drag the acquainted to see your mom, dad and Uncle Fyodor, who came specially from Alaska to look at him. It is easier for you to jump from the roof of a skyscraper in the best traditions of 007 than to spend 2 hours flipping through the book "How to name your child." Taurus will want to live freely and easily, so any attempt on their personal territory will be regarded as an act of aggression and will encourage them to cut and run.

In mid-summer, the furious workaholic in your soul twill take time out and bolt off to an unknown destination, leaving you weary in a stuffy office. In July, you will talk for hours in the smoking room, play virtual chess with colleagues from the neighboring department, write poems in honor of the birthday of the boss accountant, but will not go back into the world of numbers, contracts and obligations. Your duties will form a lead weight on the chest, blocking your access of oxygen. The Horoscope advises Taurus that such sentiments are able to derail hard work and your deserved credibility. Do not give in to laziness which overpowers you and do not let it do its course. If you feel that you have come to the edge, then just take a week off at your own expense and do something. While you are home during the extracurricular holiday do not include your mobile and try not to approach the computer closer than 3 meters. Otherwise, you will have to make it to work through the many calls and emails. Those Taurus, whose performance cannot be reduced even by the heat of summer, have a lot to win in July 2015. This month, Ms. Fortune promises to perform at your side, so that now there is a real chance to get the maximum with the minimum of effort. If you bother to even throw a small bait into the river, then it can catch a large fish, of which you will tell stories to the end of your life. In midsummer, engage in business games only on your own terms and then the world will cave in under you!


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