Horoscope for July 2015 for Leo

Horoscope for July 2015 Leo In July 2015, depression will befall Leo and attack him, slashing sharp claws into his longing soul. You will feel that life has no meaning, the society is rotten through and through, and the burden taken on your shoulders is overwhelming. If the king of beasts will be in the company of hypochondriacs and professional whiners, he can immediately say goodbye to his confidence and ambition. Constant complaints destroy the brain better than alcohol and drugs, turning man into an inert puppet. UnFortunetely, the way to there is no way to encode from despondency, so you may have to withdraw yourself from this painful condition. Do not wash down the mountain of tasks with alcohol, do not seek salvation in the noisy bustle of the clubs, as an escape from the problems is not an option. The Horoscope advises his wards to search the meaning of life in human values: love, family, friendship. In principle, it is of no matter what will become of your guiding star, because confidence in the happy outcome of tasks is our cure for despair and hopelessness. Leos can believe in magic talisman, a charming water, better yet into God, they just have to turn to spirituality to help to shake the stone bulk off of their soul. In mid-summer, the Horoscope advises that the royal sign recalls his role as protector of the offended and returns to the path of providing help to the people around. Awareness of their needs will help you forget about your own depressive thoughts and will get you revert back to an active social life.

In July, Leo wants his family to become exemplary cell of society. You will pull on a classical-utopian version, which is so often glimpsed in the commercials: a successful father, caring cook-wife, and the brilliant and obedient children. However, your household will not come to the delight of such desires, but rather unite against dictatorship and tyranny. They did not want to become perfect human beings, and perfect in the eyes of who? Telemarketers? We all live and are imperfect in some sense, and therefore have the right to errors and shortcomings, which is why in the middle of the summer children will continue to bring C's in their agendas, husbands will stay at work late, while the wife will feed her family with dumplings and noodles. The Horoscope advises Leos leave their ideas about family life to science fiction writers and continue to live the same life. In the end, the perfect man cannot afford to drink beer while lying on the couch, so you may even feel like you will be happier the way things are!

Mid-summer will raise the sword of Damocles over your relationship with your friends. In July, the Leos should be prepared for the fact that the terms of their communication much will change. Someone from your old friends circle will fly to another country and with the distance you cannot sustain a full connection. Someone remote becomes a stranger and indifferent, and some simply sell you out, and not necessarily for high prices. Whatever, sadness and disappointment are an integral part of our lives, from which there is no escape. You do not have to carry a specific negative experience for all subsequent tasks and judge your future friendships by your past ones. If you threw away money on a school friend Sasha (a full blond with blue eyes), it does not mean that none of your classmates can be trusted and all her colorless fatty friends are rogues and scoundrels. You are an individuality and the one who betrayed you is just one individual, so it remains only to teach a lesson to digest and hope that you will never have to step on the same rakes in life.

July 2015 will be a great month for big game hunting. Leos will be hungry for a profitable project and are ready to go poaching in protected areas and fish in troublesome ponds. The Horoscope councils the representatives of this zodiac sign to not to get involved in a risky adventure and always keep the escape route in mind, so that in case of problems they are able to get away or to emigrate to Britain. Interpersonal relationships in the coming months will be not particularly bright. Despite the fact that Leo is often covered by counterparts helping them not to drown in the depths of the deadlines, the king of beasts is better not counting on outside. UnFortunetely, many people have a brain that in its functionality resembles the simplest organism, so remember that one person is not capable of keeping something done in mind for a really long time. Do not ask for a collective response to a good deed and leave the matter to the conscience of each employee. Anyone who wants to help will approach and offer support. The others will still find hundreds of excuses and other important tasks. In mid-summer, the Leos should pay attention to new markets or to the expansion of the client base. Boldly conceived innovation will be an investment, because with the help of Mrs. Fortune your hard work will be quite able to bring you to the next level of the game and even have your bosses promote you in the business world. In July 2015, do not immerse your hands down and nose up, so that you do not stumble on the obstacles to your dreams!


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