Horoscope for July 2015

Horoscope for July 2015 The area of work will take the dreams of humanity somewhere between heaven and earth in July 2015. Mid-summer will pave the way to success for the people who are not afraid to fly and look into the Sun. A needlessly sensible, pragmatic person, accustomed to stand firmly on the ground and not able to break away from it, will spend the whole period wondering around the confusing paths of destiny. Glimpse the bird of luck on horizon, he will pay absolutely no attention, taking aback by the ordinary chicken. It is a no less dangerous month for romantic dreamers who will rise on the wings of fantasy ever higher in their quest to reach the curly clouds. Such people will eventually lose sight of the ground and find themselves in the upper areas of the atmosphere in a cold mist. Try to be somewhere between these two extremes, in a measure of risk, but in moderation apprehensive. Those signs of the zodiac that will be able to find a balance between what is desirable and achievable will be pleased with the results of the period.

Mid-summer will be a turning point for many lovers. Some couples could not stand the differences in their natures and inconsistencies in tastes, so they will decide to leave; however, despite the tragic events, the Horoscope promises that this decision will only benefit them. The universe does not tolerate coercion, no matter who or what makes you maintain your barely smoldering hearth of love - strict parents, habit or public opinion - in any case it was time to get rid of these shackles! The ropes binding us may be soft, the components - weakened, but they are still a limiter, which prevents us from feeling free. When in July 2015, you will realize that goldmine feelings are exhausted to the bottom, do not rummage in the gangue in the hope to dig a nugget. Instead go in search of a new field. Do not think that the coming month will bring love disasters, because changes can be happy. Some couples will go to apply to the registry office, while others will finally dare to live under one roof. In general, if two people are walking along the same way in the upcoming segment of life, they will be walking hand in hand.

The Horoscope warns that now for the construction of harmonious relations you will need some little natural data. If you think that others should fall in love with you just because you have the legs or the ears or a golden waterfall of hair that even Rapunzel would envy, then immediately leave all hope of translating the current romance to a new level. In July, the fore pops affinities and common interests. The couple in which the partners collect matchboxes together have a chance of a happy ending and people who have a sole common feature of belonging to a humanoid race will hardly be a full-fledged love duet. For this reason the Horoscope tells us to look for a partner among peers or members of thematic communities.

July 2015 will show humanity that not everyone in the world should be governed by cold reason. Sometimes multi computations and calculations, conclusions of venerable analysts and trivia predicting the situation in the market will give in to the human sixth sense. This month, all zodiac signs have to turn up their inner voice, because sometimes it gives very good advice! Despite the fact that in general, the period is expected to be highly successful, many people will be disappointed with the results. The fact is that we are accustomed to think through superior categories and ceased to enjoy the small. If we praise the boss, we lament the fact that did not receive the award, and when we get a raise, we complain that there was no promotion. Try not to compare your progress with Everest, and choose a nearby hill as a reference. I assure you, on a background of standard criteria and achievements, your results will be significant. In July, the Horoscope advises his proteges not to dwell on minor gaffe and hitch, because life cannot go smoothly constantly and even the most peaceful river encounters whirlpools and rapids. All you need is a true estimate of your strength and to choose the right direction, from then on you have small lake that will certainly lead you to the endless sea!


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