Horoscope for September 2015 for Gemini

Horoscope for September 2015 Gemini In September 2015, the Horoscope advises the Gemini to not make excessive demands in love relationships. Otherwise, they will not avoid fails and disappointments. People for whom the romance is just another step into the future (and there are tens or hundreds steps you can make, it all depends on the willingness to keep on walking), will not notice anything going on beyond this scope. Everything will follow the cycle of ordinary couples meeting, converging, quarreling, leaving and starting all over again with someone else. If what you expect from life is beautiful and eternal feelings, love and the associated bliss, expecting a Noah's Ark to save humanity (namely you) from death in the abyss, then beware, in September Fate can sell you a ticket on the Titanic! At first everything will be classically beautiful: flowers, bouquets, recognition and familiarity with the environment of a loved one. However, no matter how idealistic the picture, the reality will sooner or later impose its own black brushstrokes. Some Gemini will find a chosen one glaring at their flaws and will decide that this is not the time for stronger love. Destructive factors can become anything: a shrewish mother that will not eat sandwiches in front of the TV or the glass eyes of your lover. What matters is the level of importance that you will attach to this, disallowing the endless reproaches to destroy a completely harmonious relationship. But even good behavior and simplicity in a relationship does not guarantee the Gemini the Mendelssohn March complete with love to the grave. It is likely that the "lucky" representative of this zodiac sign will choose an inveterate egotist and an energy vampire from the entire crowd of fans, who will be happy to harass the victim, relishing while gnawing her brain. The Horoscope advises us to simply accept the idea that love is unpredictable and eccentric and if today Venus has turned its back on you that is not a cause for despair. Even if today you feel as if you have been excluded from the table, not allowed the consumption of lavish receptions, console yourself with the thought that at least later you will get to try all of the dishes offered. September 2015 teaches us not to make universal drama of quite ordinary life situations.

Not all energy should be spent on a romantic whirlwind, instead some of it should be redirected by the Gemini to their family and friends. Our life does not consist exclusively of love and depression, it has many more shades. You will be surprised when you realize what an important place in our lives friendship, tenderness, warmth and involvement take. Demonstrate these feelings to other people, and you immediately see the whole world sparkle with amazing colors. In early fall, the Gemini have to lead an active life, because silence and solitude destroy the psyche of this zodiac sign. Most will go out and use every opportunity to make new acquaintances. Change of persons and events in itself will fill you with energy and positivity. Friendships acquired in this period friendships may well turn into a business in the future.

In work, the Gemini should leave his usual openness and credulity behind in the fall, because the office predators are not asleep! The Horoscope advises us to not really dwell on our brilliant plans and projects and not throw away the ideas, the authorship of which will then be difficult to prove. People who do not take in this advice may be consider September 2015 a time of missed opportunities, as the results of their work will be shamelessly be appropriated rivals. In this battle of the career ladder, you are now better off choosing a method of guerrilla warfare. Let the enemy occupy territory, singing hymns of victory and making eyes at the most spectacular woman in office, and then, bam, you suddenly blew up the bridge, forever imprinted a sour expression on his face, but you are golden yourself. About the strategy to be followed by the Gemini, i.e. the work should be as quiet and unobtrusive as possible, and the result should be as striking and memorable as you can conceive.

This month, the Horoscope warns the representatives of this zodiac sign of excessive pride and resentment. No, astrologers do not call upon us to grow a thick skin and become a whipping boy for the whole team, just that it is time to learn to distinguish constructive criticism from a veiled attempt to drown you in the mud. Sometimes it happens that people really wish us well, pointing out the flaws that prevent us from moving up the career ladder. In September 2015, keep your ears open for comments, but do not let them give you bullshit. That way, more than a single successful project will pass by the door of your office!


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