Horoscope for September 2015

Horoscope for September 2015 September 2015 is not suitable for general cleaning, because all the garbage that we made will be on display for the neighbors, who will not fail to discuss our dirty laundry. You can put things in order on the shelves, wipe the dust from the standing statues, but if you decide to relocate them to another place, then you will split it all to pieces and even drop a hammer on your foot. For this reason, the Horoscope advises people to abandon dreams of global changes and achievements for this month. However, sinking to the bottom of the dirt is also not advised by the stars to humanity. Take something burdensome, but still needed in the future, but do not waste time and force on it right now.

In love, the stars will require human honesty and decency. Rare zodiac signs will be allowed to carry on a double play and twist two romances simultaneously. Most of us are obliged to show respect for the partner with sincerity and openness. You cannot build serious plans for the joint old age, hoping only for a week or one good time. If that is the case, then please, do not swear in love to the grave, and do not promise the stars of heaven. Stranger's unfulfilled hopes will badly affect our karma, so try not to give people a reason to be disappointed in you. Agree that it is insulting to stand two hours in a queue, thinking that you are suffering in order to get an autograph from all the members of the group Linkin Park, instead to discover yourself in front of Justin Bieber. The best way not to fail is not make promises unless you are confident that you can fulfill them. In exchange for playing by the rules, the Horoscope promises searing passion and a romantic whirlwind of events. September 2015 will be rich in meetings and partings for all of the zodiac signs, so sit back and do not miss humanity. The new relationships promise to bring many positive emotions and the old will sparkle with new colors. In general, the Priestess of Love - Venus will be at the peak of its glory at the end of fall, breaking and rebuilding people's hearts!

From the point of view of interpersonal communication, September promises to be a difficult month. The universe seemed to be filled with hissing noise, so hearing and understanding the person close to you correctly will be incredibly difficult. The problem is complicated by the lack of ability to think through what they heard exhibited by some of the zodiac signs, so violent conflicts from scratch will be an integral part of even the most peaceful of lovers. Our brain is a complex and an unpredictable system able to slander an innocent man and to ascribe to them the views and thoughts that he had never been a part of. In early fall, it is better be baptized if indicated and ask yourself again if it was not clear to avoid false disappointments in good people.

Work in the early fall will require the full commitment of humanity. You will hardly find time for your lawful wife, having no choice but to let go of your mistress or even erotic magazines. Almost all of the zodiac signs have to work all the time and often not even at a premium, but for their own image and reputation. In September, it is important how you present yourself and how you perceive colleagues and superiors. If in the first or second paragraph of your report you have a problem, then it is time to take action to remedy the situation. Now it is important to get rid of complexes and the fear of mistakes. Otherwise, nothing good will be achieved. In early fall, the Horoscope advises mankind not waste your time on small, short-term goals. However, this does not mean that stars make us rush to the barricades or lead political upheavals. Follow your own aspirations, not paying attention to the externally imposed stereotypes. In September, sit and think what exactly do you need to be completely happy - chocolate or a candy factory - and begin to act according to your own desires. People who have reached their balance can breathe deeply and enjoy a well-earned stability. It is of no matter what a colleague does, whether they earned a higher position, have a more expensive car or an office that is a little bigger, because success is not measured in dollars, nor, in meters. Success is something that sits inside of us and if you feel it that means that you do not need any additional wars over new territory. In September 2015, do not fight with someone, but fight for something. Then your goal becomes not to harm opponents, but to win with your friends!


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