Horoscope for May 2015

Horoscope for May 2015 In May 2015, people will have to jump high and fast to catch up with the rapidly changing world. In the late spring, the universe will resemble a pregnant woman requiring a melon, then asking for garlic, then wanting you to open the window in a submarine. All of the zodiac signs will be knocked down while trying to please their capricious mistress Fate. If small changes usually cause your eyes to nervously twitch and your body to experience uncontrolled convulsions, then purchase wholesale soothing pills and antidepressants. Otherwise, you will not survive this month. In late spring we will all have to dismiss the past and the future, leaving ourselves with only the present. Otherwise, Ms. Fortune will not allow us to even kiss the tip of her shoe. Do not worry about the reforms in the pension system if you are thirty years away from your well-deserved break, because the laws will have the time to change three times over. However, do not wrap yourself into a tangled ball of nerves over each critical remark of your boss either, because you will have plenty of bosses in your life, but only one nervous system. Remember that the workplace can be changed, while your damaged nerves are not subject to returns and exchanges.

Loving couples are advised by the Horoscope to look at their relationship from a different angle in May. As a rule, we create challenging puzzles out of our feelings. All that to spend years solving it, wondering whether the dream of our partner begins with an "a", ends with an "s", and consists of ten letters or nine. Instead of worrying, going over the many options in your head again and again, harassing yourself with unnecessary suspicions, just walk up to your loved one and ask him directly. It is that easy! Then you will be relieved to learn that his dream is a car, he did not answer your call on Wednesday because he forgot his phone at home or that his business trip was escorted by his supervisor, not a young secretary. In May 2015 all zodiac signs should stop complicating their lives and leave exercises of imagination for the bed, not for everyday family situations. Single people should take their choice of a potential partner seriously this month, because now the universe requires that we look for a mate according to their status and interests. Remember that dreams about sexual plumbing in blue overalls is one thing, but a real young man is quite another. It is bad if your fan brings along a strong smell of alcohol emitting from his persona, but it is not much better if he quotes unknown philosophers and talks about unfamiliar movies. To have harmonious relationships, people should speak one language about understandable topics - interesting for both sides.

In May, many people will wake up with a desire to feel like eminence grise. So they will begin to intrigue and to plot. If you are not strong in opaque battles, it suits you well to avoid the fight altogether. Otherwise, instead of becoming a cardinal, you will be a gray mouse who foolishly reached into a trap for the free cheese. The best tactic now is to work conscientiously and to maintain good relations with colleagues. Employees that are full of themselves and who are used to delegating authority to subordinates, leaving themselves just bathing in the glory and gratitude of the authorities, are due for a hard landing towards late spring. Fate does not like it when its benefits are going to the lazy, so she will rearrange the table. Any attempt to appropriate the labor of others in May 2015 will be severely punished and suppressed.

The soft and hesitant zodiac signs should allow themselves a month of rest and temporarily withdraw from the big game. In the late spring, life will raise the bets and in order to achieve something, many will have to take the extra risk. If you are not willing to bet material wealth, reputation and prospects, it is better to occupy yourself with fixing the backlog and bringing old business to order. Active and energetic people can take a chance and try to win a bonus, because the fortune favors the bold and confident individuals. In May, do not dwell on negative thoughts and remember that even if you held down the river, it will still move forward!


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