Horoscope for May 2015 for Aquarius

Horoscope for May 2015 Aquarius In May 2015, the Aquarius will want to isolate themselves from the world to understand themselves quietly and alone. The representatives of this zodiac sign will keenly feel that in today's society the brain and the soul of man have become a huge cluttered attic, where diamonds are mixed with barley. You will unbearably want to clean up your inner world, spreading ideas and feelings on their respective shelves and wiping dusty emotions with a clean cloth. However, very few people manage to bring spring cleaning to the end, because in the late spring external circumstances will storm to break into the soul of an Aquarius, distracting and forcing him to switch his attention to other areas of life. Don't be nervous if you have to stay up late at the office, leaving only a few hours on the weekend for family and self-improvement. Your inner self will not run away so revising its contents can wait until the next month.

In relationships, Aquarius will hardly be a role model. Serious people will become chronic workaholics, whose outgoing and incoming calls will only be the numbers of accountants, lawyers, and logistics. During less busy times, the person should not provoke the Priestess of Love - Venus, as she will have a windy and a dismissive attitude towards other people's feelings. For you everything in May will be easy: meeting, socializing, and fleeing - no dramas, resentment or feelings. It is clear that with such an approach to the opposite sex nothing serious in life awaits you, so do not complain if you will find the status of single to be one you're in towards the end of the month. Those Aquarians who value their mate must make every effort to keep them. If you come from work late in the morning, eat your burgers cooked with love, shower, then sleep, all the while spending the weekends with your friends on a fishing trip, then forget about any harmonious relationship. Feelings need constant replenishment, therefore, pay your loved one enough time, delighting her with a romantic gesture and a little surprise here and there.

Many Aquarians will have an aptitude to hear the call of the refrigerator in late spring, resisting which resist is, oh, not easy. If you are awoken in the middle of the night, hypnotized and stomping into the kitchen to eat up the remains of the cake, then find the strength to stop this mess! If the Aquarius does not want folds of fat completely stripping off the appeal of his clothes, he should stop eating away stress and dissatisfaction with the world order. The Planet will not get better from your generous gift of consumption, but your waistline may call it quits and leave forever!

In May 2015 Aquarius better finish off old business, not pick up new global projects. The fact is that the accumulated workload slows down our progress and may cause loss of control on a slippery and a narrow road. If you do not want to lose control over your own career, then get rid of the heavy burden as soon as possible. This move will benefit future cases, as often because of the large number of tasks we see no prospects and lose sight of the potential hazards. Imagine that in front of you stands the wall of the outstanding issues that blocks the view, not allowing you to plan actions and assess who is in front of you is the enemy. Once you get the barrier down stone by stone, you will clearly see the whole picture of the business and develop a suitable strategy. Relationships with several colleagues will deteriorate in this period since Aquarius will suddenly become a very contentious sign of the zodiac, ready to defend his opinion as if to protect the last dollar in his pocket. You will be hard to argue against, since for every argument you will find hundreds of counterarguments, and when logic will end - you will go beyond its bounds just to avoid losing. In May 2015, the Horoscope advises the Aquarius to not only listen to his inner voice, but also the people around them, because the collective mind is capable of much more!


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