Horoscope for May 2015 for Libra

Horoscope for May 2015 Libra In May 2015, Libras are left little time for flirtation and romance, since work, like a giant octopus will grab them all with its tentacles. For this zodiac sign to remember why he is granted the heart, the Priestess of Love, Venus should bestow him affection that makes even Romeo and Juliet feel like a pale story by comparison. If these feelings will not be classified as eternal and immutable, then you can easily exchange the evening rendezvous for work on a promising project. It will be rare for the children of Air to dare have a light affair in the late spring and they will not enjoy the noncommittal attitude, except unless they get quite bored on vacation and will want some company. Discussions with members of the opposite sex will be dictated not by the desire to find your soul mate, but by a thirst to speak on interesting topics and meet new people. For this reason, you should not attach too much importance to the behavior of Libra, even if they keep ringing up to five times a day and leave comments on social networks to no end. In their view, they are just talking, with no plans for a romantic future.

Family balance will subject the nervous systems of your relatives to severe testing in May 2015. You will become very demanding and meticulous in family affairs, sometimes permanently bending the stick, so the household will catch itself thinking that such a grumpy relative would be easier to expel from home than to endure. You want everything to be perfect: dishes towered in a locker in perfect order without a mountain in the sink, clothes hung on hangers instead of sprawling all over the apartment, house plants bloomed and pleasing to the eye, rather than standing in pots as stunted shoots. However, the relatives of Libras forced to build an impeccable environment will hardly remain satisfied. The Horoscope advises you cease dwelling on dreams and come to terms with the fact that the real picture of life is different from the one that you drew in your head. If the Libra does not want their close ones shied away from them as vegetarians from burgers, they should learn to love family and friends, even if they throw socks throughout the apartment and do not close the water tap in the bathroom in the morning.

In May 2015, many people will be at a crossroad because life will offer them some career options. However, a universal menu will not appear as if you are in a buffet, so be ready to jump over ravines, running over bumps and go with the wild rivers to catch something to eat. Problems arising in this month will not be globally catastrophic and your actions will not affect the planet's fate. All troubles will be small, but annoying, because wasting time on battling with a menacing tiger is not as offensive as to stagnate because of the clouds of annoying gnats. However, trampling the cloud away the annoying gnats will require Libras to have patience and diligence. If you maintain good relationships with colleagues and never attack from the back, then in late spring you will reap the fruits of your own decency: staff will certainly support you in difficult times and will heartily rejoice over you in a moment of joy. In terms of energy, children of Air are at their peak: if the office suddenly shut off the light, the Libras can be safely planted upon an exercise bike to produce electricity. You have the strength to complete an old project, then to subscribe to a bunch of new ones, and then learn the latest gossip in the smoking room.

If you are dissatisfied with the current situation, then now is the time to turn your life to a desired direction, because in May the Horoscope looks exclusively favorably on a career change. Some of us will decide to change the field of activity, someone will become a freelance artist, and some will want to continue their education or find an internship abroad in the future. Some will want to get more subordinate employees and start working on larger projects. Whatever dream a Libra cherished in his ambitious soul, it is time to translate it from the category of fantasy into the category of goals! Do not be afraid to stumble, fall or go down the wrong path, because success or failure is generated in the first place with what we have in mind. Remember, you do not necessarily have to be the leader in the race of life, what is more important is to reach the finish line without compromising any of your principles!


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