Horoscope for May 2015 for Virgo

Horoscope for May 2015 Virgo In May 2015, a Virgo will destroy more than a single colony of nerve cells in the household, harassing them with his thoroughness and attention to detail. In the house of representatives of this zodiac sign, shampoos will stand stacked, instruments on the table will lie strictly parallel to each other and a stack of newspapers on the coffee table will placed solely according to the date of issue. Your family will move indefinitely, modify and disrupt the ideal order, which will keep you incredibly annoyed and hurt. The Virgo Horoscope advises calmness and a realization that the world is chaotic and simply rejects the established rules and orders. Entropy grows with time. In order to not stagnate, life needs to move, change and evolve. Otherwise humanity will simply die of boredom. Take a break from the unwritten rules and you will be surprised to find that the world is full of things that are worth our attention. In dawns and dusks, in the smell of the green herbs, and in the stars overhead - is not it better to enjoy what the universe gives, instead of grumbling about the things scattered around or poorly washed dishes?

In late spring no emotional turmoil is expected on the horizon of Virgo. Events will flow slowly and deliberately, reminding provincial life in which buying a new dress is an event, a change in hairstyle is a great event, and the birth of a child is practically the beginning of a new era. The universe gives people time to fix bugs and improve relations with their loved ones, healing the wounds and making amends, all stretching from the past. Commit all energy to better understand your life partner and make your life truly great. The concept of being a couple means not only the common dinner, bed or budget, but common goals, dreams and aspirations. Virgo must surround a loved one with such concentration of tenderness and sensuality, so that he realizes that he came into this world to be happy. In May 2015, you cannot play the role of Moses in the relationship, leading people through the desert towards a happy life. Even if there are many flaws in your partner and there are reasons for a fair criticism, be wary of lecturing him and giving advice. If he longed cultivation, then would enroll in psychological courses. However, coming home from work, he clearly wants warmth and affection, not debriefing and picking in the shower. Remember that the companions of Moses simply had nowhere to go, so they suffered hunger, heat and deprivation in the hope of a better life. The modern man will simply flee to the nearest oasis at the sight of the first difficulties under the wing of a picky lover.

If your boss is a Virgo, you got some uneasy month to come. In late spring, Virgo will clearly manifest its natural features: accuracy, thoroughness and caution. Before you put your signature on the contract for the purchase of office paper, your boss will think long and hard, analyzing, studying the market demand, the SWOT analysis and alternative offers. At this time, the whole team is doomed to sit without prints and pray fervently that toilet paper does not disappear as well. The Virgo will be very strict to violators of labor discipline, so keep in mind that late this month it is ranked among the mortal sins. Wishing to leave early for lunch means you have to leave the office through the window. From the point of view of productivity, May is not very suitable for large-scale projects and major investments. You will become too distrustful to take risks and thus miss catching your fish, instead catching lumps of seaweed and definitely not profit from the business of the river. The Horoscope advises being engaged in a routine of chores, without getting involved in adventures and getting into new business areas. Remember that not always the rustle of banknotes that you mentally hear turns into real money, because, as a rule, plans and results are two completely different figures. Given that in late spring the universe decided to give the Virgo the "wool-gathering" option, the ordinary employees of this zodiac sign can distract from work and enjoy the activities of the public. You will suddenly start shivering when you being to wonder what unearned income did Cathy from legal use to buy her expensive shoes from the new collection and who visits Betty from logistics in a blue Volvo every evening. Do not get caught in someone else's life as a social network. It is better to do yourself than to analyze others. Believe me, to be a direct participant in the events is always more interesting than just spreading rumors and washing up someone else's bones. In May 2015, go on an unhurried pace of life and then you will not waste any of its precious minutes!


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