Horoscope for May 2015 for Gemini

Horoscope for May 2015 Gemini In May 2015, the Gemini will show other signs of the Zodiac what it means to rejoice with the bird already in the hand. You finally realize that it is stupid to ride the tram because you do not enough money for Bentley, or live alone because of the fact that Hugh Jackman is already married. In late spring, the Gemini will appreciate what life gave them and enjoy those heights that they achieved, without looking at other people's achievements, wives or chummy neighborhood homes. Thanks to the state of inner peace and quiet happiness you will become an exemplary family man and loving life partner, as if you descended from commercials. Domestic members and family can rely on you in difficult times: you will not forget to meet your wife's mother at the train station at 3 am, will not be too greedy to lend money and will not refuse to paint a picture for your daughter's homework (it is not the fact that the picture turned out beautifully that matters, but that the artist really, really tried!). Single girls will cease to be bothered about the fact that their girlfriends are already in the married status, while their own limited profile says "free, but actively looking." In May, you will even abandon the quest for love temporarily, switching to searching for adventure, because you just want to have fun by turning off all the safety valves. But fate, as a rule, gives us the desired when we already got over the desire and romance is no exception. It is likely that, upon ceasing scanning the crowd with hungry eyes or no longer buying a new shirt in the hope of attracting the attention of the opposite sex, you will unexpectedly lock eyes with a person and your heart will switch to crazy mode, forcing the blood boil in your veins with emotion! People who will not meet their soul mate this month, however, will not be disappointed. With the last spring month they face many exciting events and happy dating!

A little danger this period comes to those couples who have passed the initial testing stage of getting used to each other, but still have time until the 50th golden wedding or breathing in unison. Those Gemini who are satisfied with their lives will freeze relations in the current stage, without expressing the desire to move on. You are satisfied with a hot dinner, reading your favorite book at bedtime and rarely going out. If you can freeze time, then be sure to do it now. But the Horoscope advises partners: perhaps your significant other is not satisfied with the current state of affairs and craves romance or passion. Remember that we live in a world of great opportunities, and as soon as your loved one will get bored or lonely, he will look for another mate.

In May 2015, the Gemini can be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, because communication skills and diplomatic mindset will allow this sign to do miracles. If you hear a success story about a man who just soared through the ranks in a short period, earning at the same time respect, admiration and support of all his colleagues, it is 100% Gemini! This month you will win the battle with human envy and greed, build excellent relationships with others and receive the long-awaited raise. You can do it, even if the native language of your colleagues is a snake hiss, and the boss meticulously recounts the teabags in the kitchen to deduct the cost from the staff salaries for drinks. If the Gemini have long dreamed of a raise, in the late spring they have all chances they need to get it, although reality will be more complicated than our dreams. As a rule, we draw a picture in our heads as we enter into the office of a boss, sit in his comfortable leather chair and welcome the dream that now the boss is ourselves. In fact, you will have to shoulder the additional burden of responsibilities and work for yourself and for "that guy", except that now the office door will show off a plate with your name. In May, the Horoscope warns children of Air to stay away from unreasoned promises and risky behavior, because now the business environment is far from equilibrium and even a small step in the wrong direction is able to send all of our plans to hell. Do not scatter promises, as politicians do during election campaigns, because they can afford to lose the trust of the people after they were already elected, but you - not so much. The Gemini should remember that you can dig a hole even under the red carpet spread by the lucky destiny just for you!


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