Horoscope for August 2015

Horoscope for August 2015 In August 2015, the earthlings will be engaged in the redistribution of territories and this process will occur at all levels of influence. Politicians will take an active struggle for the electorate, businessmen will try to win themselves a niche in foreign markets, and the grandmother-pensioner will vigilantly guard her place on a bench in the park. Everyone wants to save his piece and chop off one from their neighbor. The whole world will turn into one huge sandbox where kids try to take an extra couple of inches of sand space, using all available means. Someone will hit opponents with a shovel, others will swap disputed territory for candy, and some will pour a loud cry in the hope of support in the face of heavy artillery - their mothers and grandmothers. In late summer, we will not be friends with each other, but rather against each other, removing the surrounding pawns, castles and knights in our game of life. If you know how to act tough and go to the end, you will almost certainly knock at the kings, the question is only what the price will be to gain this wealth and fame. The Horoscope promises that it will be noticed if in the pursuit of success someone crossed through the bounds of conscience, friendship and honesty. Remember that Ms. Fortune is yet a woman and if she is not offended by the violator of the rules now, it does not mean anything, because it does not cost her anything to recall the situation and take offense in the next month. Dirty boots can still be accepted in a polite society, but the muddy suit, hands and face will obviously shut you access to a respectable house.

In late summer, relaxing in a love relationship will not work, because in this period the stars plunge mankind into a Jacuzzi, filled with boiling hot water. Even the most reserved and cold zodiac signs will begin to show their partners Shakespearean passions, quarreling and reconciling, parting and converging again. In August, most of the decisions concerning breakups will be made spontaneously, in a fit of anger and in a state of emotional instability. So the partnership that put a cross on their relationship in the evening can wake up in the morning in the same bed and go to lunch, discussing plans for a joint holiday and a mortgage. Single people will also not be bored, because the universe is literally holding us in a box with surprises and will periodically shake it well, just so that we aren't bored. In late summer, you have all the chances to meet your love, which the horoscope promises, although whether it will be mutual cannot be promised by the horoscope. Note that the heart is an unreliable instrument that fails without end, suffers interference and produces incorrect data. If financial analysts were wrong as often as our souls, they would all have been thrown out on the street without severance pay, so do not be surprised if in August 2015 your life will be completely unreliable and unpredictable. You might become an irresponsible person who has stunning charisma, but will be carried through the roof and out of common sense completely.

At work, all of the zodiac signs should prepare for a difficult period. Think of all the sci-fi movies in which, after the world apocalypse, humanity fought for every handful of earth and entered into a fierce firefight for an expired can of corned beef. You will need about the same determination to shoot higher than the competition and deter the looters. Soft and indecisive people will be better burying paper and siting in a quiet mouse burrow, without exposing themselves to the cruel world of big business. Now the universe requires people with perseverance, determination and lightning fast action. However big the winning pie at the start, the number of winners is limited, so if you got your mind on eating too big of treat, then someone will look at you at this point choking with saliva from vexation.

People who associate themselves with the shark are advised by the Horoscope to look around: perhaps the world in general is populated by exclusively toothy and bloodthirsty creatures, against which you are the standard inhabitant. Try not to let the feeling of euphoria from victory dim your mind in August, because any case can turn from a brilliant success into bad luck in an instant. Socially, this zodiac sign will have to bite his tongue at the end of the summer, because, as you know, a chatterbox is a godsend for the spy and the disclosure of trade secrets is punishable by superiors especially cruelly. Yes, excessive talkativeness can only hurt. If you succeed, then for others it will not be a surprise and it will be seen as a matter of course. But if you fail the mission, then you will thoroughly tarnish your own reputation. In August 2015, go on a business road gently and quietly, like a panther, retracting claws, and then your attack will be truly unexpected and lightning fast!


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