Horoscope for August 2015 for Taurus

Horoscope for August 2015 Taurus Our life is full of unwritten rules that the Taurus sacredly observed, but in August 2015 even this disciplined sign will want to try the taste of freedom. The people who will be able to rip the blindfold off their eyes and throw off the shackles binding their hands, are promised by the Horoscope an interesting month full of interesting discoveries about the world and themselves. Be bold and discard the heads of those parental teachings from the series of "what is good and what is bad", such that do not pass the test of logic. Why can't you call him first? Who says you cannot eat after six? Why the skirt must necessarily cover the knees? If you have at least one question you ask yourself and do not find an answer other than the classic "just because", it is time to break the established rules! Remember that murder is a sin, but the murder of your inner nature - is also bad! You cannot deprive yourself of a bright, full life, guided by false standards of decency or grafted from childhood complexes. Unless they make sense of course. In August, make a small step towards change and then change will take a giant leap towards you! The Horoscope advises Taurus that to have positive changes, they need to secure their own. If you sit back in anticipation of a fairy godmother, who will drag it on her back and bring you the ball gown and glass slippers, with a handsome prince as a bonus, and then you will live alone until retirement. Your happiness is to be handmade, so that you can sweep aside the uncertainty and start your life wearing your own tailor made costumes!

The single Taurus should undertake a search for a romantic partner and find lost self-esteem in August 2015, because some causes of their loneliness are just irrelevant according to the Horoscope. Understand, it all depends on who we see in the mirror in the morning: a beautiful princess, a charming intellectual or a monster with bags under her eyes and early wrinkles. I have not seen a man who admits he wants to meet eternally dissatisfied, ugly lady with a bunch of complexes and lead it to the registrar. On the contrary, they all want to see a good partner in life, with that being defined as an optimistic, successful man, who can stop a galloping horse and rush into a burning house, and in captivity will purposefully dig a tunnel instead of looking gun to commit suicide. In general, we appreciate the people who know how to get out of the rough and tumble of life and pull for a bright Sun on those surrounding them, blacklisting a nagging depression. In August 2015, a Taurus should be clearly aware of their dignity and not hesitate to show that to others. Do not turn in on yourselves and with an open heart go towards contact with the outside world. People rejoice when reading a good book, watching a good movie, so why should not they get a positive charge when talking to a good man, who you are, no doubt!

In this month, the Horoscope asks all cowards and alarmists to leave the ship. If in your environment there is such a person, then run from them with all the speed you got. Otherwise, they will spoil you! End of summer cannot be called a light period, so the Taurus will have to pull out of his way to swim to their own island paradise. Therefore, the extra ballast will not serve them well. The representatives of this zodiac sign will be faced with many business proposals and non-standard solutions, so that they are not threatened with professional failure and frustration. However, they will have to compete with a whole crowd of the same sun-lovers for a place under the sun. The idea itself does not mean anything, because without proper incarnation it is an empty shaking of the air, so you will need to prove its importance and vitality. While moving towards the goal, the Taurus must not fall into a state of passion and batter his head against all the obstacles he is faced with on the way. This month, the stars will softly and gently turn people the right way and our task to recognize the signs of where the higher forces supplied. If you are in the process of incarnating your ideas, you will be faced with so many obstacles in front of you as if the whole army of black cats and women with empty buckets is rushing against you. If that is the case, then think whether you might be moving in the wrong direction? Do not be like people pumped on anabolic treatments, who believe that all problems are solved by a fist and punches to the liver, because the most effective weapon is a human brain! In August 2015, take decisions by the brain, leaving the spinal cord and cerebellum as its rivals!


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