Horoscope for August 2015 for Gemini

Horoscope for August 2015 Gemini Gemini is the sign of the zodiac, which is heavily dependent on the emanations of others. If you feel unloved or unnecessary, then inevitably you will lose composure and peace, but do not worry, because in August 2015, such problems are not expected! The natural charm of Gemini will be so great that the universal admiration, respect and love will gush to children of Air like a warm waterfall! If before you were still not convinced that you are king, then with the onset of this month all doubts will disappear.

In family, the Gemini will want to show who is boss, so they abruptly switch into the dominant position, forcing households to dance to their tune. The Horoscope advises the partners of the Gemini to avoid posturing and scandals, because playing in opposition the Gemini can last very long. If the answer to all of his suggestions is consent, then the windy and peaceful children of Air will soon get tired of playing the role of a domestic tyrant, and will return the reins of power to the former rulers. The end of summer promises positive changes in the relationship with close people. If you find the time to pay attention to the accumulated problems and misunderstandings, you can untangle all of the knots and heal old wounds. Gemini intuition will be like a gifted physician - instantly feeling where exactly the infected organ is and prescribing appropriate treatment that will lead to improvement of the whole family body.

Single Gemini will be engaged in an active search of the lover in August. Some will even find one, but a chance for reciprocity will be 50/50. In late summer, the Priestess of Love, Venus decided to test the resistance of the children of Air, giving them immunity to charms of others. You can get stuck in the overture, like a fly in a web, so the behavior of the person you chose will be mysterious and confusing. Some Gemini will lose the gloss and will toss from side to side, unable to choose a strategy of seduction. The representatives of this zodiac sign will spend many hours, painfully deliberating whether to pretend to be inaccessible or better be an iceberg reincarnated into the raging flames of passion to win the heart of your loved one. The Horoscope advises children of Air not to invent the bicycle and not to engage in the creation of cheap illusions, because the pretense and multiphase combinations are not their strong points. Your strength lies in sincerity, responsiveness and the ability to live easily without unnecessary dramas and tragedies. Stay yourself, and then your potential choice of a partner will appreciate the warmth and tenderness that you are giving them. Maybe it will not happen immediately, but love is not a shop where in exchange for money you immediately obtain the desired product, so please be patient.

In August 2015, the financial schedules of the Gemini will finally stop jumping up and down like a frenzied frog, making life more stable. You now have to a job with an income, familiar staff and adequate authority, so that you can move forth on to your targets. It is no longer necessary to gain credibility and prove to everyone around that you're not a sheep and unicellular, so nothing prevents you to direct your energy in a new direction. This month, the Gemini will have a lot to do and to look for new ways out of old situations. Do not look at the public opinion that believes that you can only enter through the entrance and exit through the outlet, as winners become such precisely because they are not treading water with the rest of the crowd, but pave their individual way. In August, it does not matter how you get to the finish line (through a door, window or personally dig a tunnel), as long as you were at the finish line before your competitors. The Horoscope advises Gemini to discard all frames and stereotypes, giving free rein to their imagination and unconventional thinking. It is unlikely that surrounding people will perceive your decision to be on the top of the career chain with delight, so be ready for gossip and poking in the back. Many colleagues will reveal themselves in a new way, so do not be surprised if it turns out that the girl with the daisy print invoices at the next table will be the living embodiment of the Evil Witch, while a modest guy lawyer is found to have a shark's grin. After all, we live in the world famous for its diversity, so that everything has the right to exist: predators and herbivores, even the unicellular organisms. In August 2015, do not stoop to the level of vile, but do not take off to the level of getting the star disease. Then the solid ground under your feet will allow you to become the master of the situation!


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