Horoscope for August 2015 for Aquarius

Horoscope for August 2015 Aquarius In August 2015, the Aquarius will have to listen to many sermons and notations from a variety of people. Mom suddenly remembered how you were pulled out of two schools in first grade, and in the second you had a fight with Bobby from the house next door, ripping new pants. The moral is: you have not been the same as a child and a younger version of yourself, and you should not be. Your boss will head on to your office and will begin a long, tedious, and most importantly a vague explanation of why your layout is not good and requires rework. They will finish their story of the evening with a tale about a talented colleague, who this month became the seller of the year, defended his doctoral thesis and received the Nobel Prize for the preservation of world peace. In general, you will be surrounded with the ideal people who are so eager to educate and non-idealize you. The Horoscope advises Aquarius to remember the lessons of geometry and mentally say to yourself: "But I do it in the parallel" (those who do poorly with the exact sciences, can say "I am purple!") - And continue to live the way they used to live. I am sure that people who spent over 20 years writing with their left hand, quietly live to retirement, and without the regret of impeding on the ideal of the right handwriting. Everything you say is only the view of an individual and you have a right to your own, so do not indulge yourself in self-flagellation over the detected imperfections. If wishers, sages and advisers will get very annoying to the Aquarian, he should simply limit his communication with them. Remember that in August, it is easier to keep silent than be foaming at the mouth to prove to the person that he is wrong.

In late summer, you will become very picky in terms of romantic relationships. Even long-established couples waiting in line will provoke the unhappy Aquarius. A representative of this zodiac sign will find something to complain about, and his other half is sure to find that there is no answer to that. Do not ruin the mood for yourself and the people around you with quarrels and squabbles, because only the gods seem to be ideal in the paintings of artists of the Renaissance and even they are such only because they are silent all the time. I assure you, even the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, with its rough-pious Ares looks not so presentable. Single people are unlikely to find love in August 2015, because now they are least inclined to compromise and agree on a just ideal. Do not obtain the universe's gild ring and shove it to an Aquarius, even if it is made of a full-fledged precious metal, they will not look at it for an extra second, feeling disturbed that it does not fit. In order to have a happy relationship, you believe it is important that the loved one embodies all the kindness, beauty and wisdom of this world, but wrinkled shirts, shoes and unpeeled arguments with the cashier at the supermarket may sometimes be representative of the real people who clearly do not fit in this picture. The Horoscope will not discourage children of Air from seeking their dreams (even if to the rest of the zodiac signs they seem distant and unattainable), as in any journey is better to follow the guiding star than the smelling candle.

If you are accustomed that your problems are solved almost instantly and the office machinery operates continuously and without interruption, in August 2015 be prepared for the extra load. At the end of the summer, the established scheme of work will suddenly falter and slow, like a grain of sand stuck between gears, which considerably slows down their rotation. Those Aquarians who will start kicking the mechanism, pounding on it with a sledgehammer, and applying immense strength to press on the levers, are risking to break the whole process and incur large losses. The Horoscope advises us not to flog a fever, instead choosing to analyze the situation and try to normalize it smoothly. If the actions taken have not helped and the supply of raw materials is still delayed, your business partner flies to Hawaii with his mistress, and customs did not give permission for the shipment of goods, then sit back and just wait, or even better, also fly to some exotic island in the company of someone cute. All problems will eventually go away by themselves and the events will fall back in their groove. This coming month is favorable for introducing innovations. The stars do not promise that your idea will immediately be greeted with cheers, immediately introduced and earning you a proactive employee premium, but it will definitely get the favorable attention that is sure to be rewarded. In August 2015, choose to swim in the tranquil life, a wide stream, because in a narrow, raging mountain river you can easily descend on a sharp stone and ignominiously go to the bottom!


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