Horoscope for August 2015 for Virgo

Horoscope for August 2015 Virgo If you once hid a treasure in your soul like the medieval pirates, in August 2015, it is time to go in search of the lost treasure. In the coming month, Virgos need to get all their dreams, talents and aspirations to the surface, while they are not completely discolored and crumbled into dust in the dark recesses of the inner world. At the end of the summer, it is not what surrounds you that will become a reality, but what you believe in, so the Horoscope advises his proteges to believe in the triumphant battle, good fairies and a handsome prince!

The Virgo who has modeled his or her ideal reality can now relax a bit. Go with your loved ones where the sun shines frequently, the water is tender and tasty cocktails can recharge your vitality. Long journeys promise to be exceptionally great, so that you can find something to remember, browsing through your albums in a social network during the long winter evenings. Single Virgos should be awaiting for the hottest month, no matter where representatives of this zodiac sign will lead their conduct: riding a camel in the Sahara desert or drifting in the Arctic Ocean. The attention of the opposite sex will break all records during this period, pouring on you a generous flow of sympathy and invitations to a cup of coffee. The Horoscope advises his proteges not to get lost and not to rush into the shelter, like a frightened hare from a vicious wolf you're your life you are the forest owner and ruler. Use all your charm to lasso the most coveted prize in the world, because you already have someone in mind, do you not? August is ideal for tying romantic relationships, which have all the chances to continue.

Family life may be somewhat overshadowed by Virgo conflicts with their families, and the question now is not about the fundamental differences and cardinal mismatch of character. The root of all evil lies in the fact that the representatives of this zodiac sign will be covered in household stuff, which causes scandals that will be so ridiculous that even complaining about it to your friends will be shameful. An unwashed cup in the sink, watching MTV, bringing French bread instead of a baguette - every detail will detract from the Virgo herself. Try not to get into a verbal duel and not shower your household members with reproaches for committed blunders. The Horoscope advises us to concede more to loved ones and sometimes look at the world through their eyes, if we do not want to end up being totally alien and incomprehensible to each other. Agree to eat dumplings for dinner, even when it seems that the happiness of your life is pizza, and do not refuse to go to the cinema at the weekend, even if a month ago you planned to lie down on the couch with a bestseller book in your hands.

In August 2015, the Virgos will have a hard time being supervisors. This snug sign will get into abhorrent quarrels, squabbles and inaccuracies, with such problems being rife in the office. Your colleagues and subordinates will suddenly begin to intrigue and gossip, completely forgetting about their immediate duties. Everyone will suddenly become very interested, as to why Betty went on vacation in July, while the rest had to settle for September, for whatever reason Pavel was given a raise, while his colleagues have been provided with a meager prize, and where to run for lunch if Sally's salary should be enough only for the pizza place around the corner. Alas, people are angry and unhappy, and the Virgo will have to deal with it in August. You must be resolute and firmly prevent any attempts to sabotage the office, or in lieu of a strong team you will soon find yourself in a bandit den, where visitors are able to push their neighbor into a bottomless pit for a couple of notes. If people lose their human form, feel free to remember Darwin's theory and in practice, use a postulate about the usefulness of labor, which is known to make intelligent beings out of monkeys. If you load the most ardent idlers and loafers with extra work, there will soon be no time to invent and spread rumors. Much worse, if the Virgo becomes the object of discussion in the office gossips. If you cannot add any brains or decency to your colleagues, then just go head first into work, because any boss prioritizes employee performance over all else. If you are a valuable specialist and provide the company with high profits, the boss will be totally indifferent to what you do in your spare time, whether you go from door to door as a Jehovah's Witness or puzzle at the full Moon covered in the entrails of animals. In August 2015, perform more work on yourself and pay less attention to the others, then the events will develop according to your script!


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