Horoscope for March 2015 for Virgo

Horoscope for March 2015 Virgo In March 2015 it's very difficult for Virgo to recognize real root of their suffering: lack of money or luck of love. You will suffer acutely from first and from second reason. You will solve problem of lack of means with proper common sense: you'll reexamine sources of incomings and will change ineffective ones or find additional. Virgo is master of profitable dealerships and useful links; therefore it's for her very easily to receive desired level of incomings, especially when she starts to use her natural qualities and long list of useful friends. With love situation is much more difficult. You enclosed yourself into impenetrable cocoon of cold logic and solid sense, while heart desires for burning passion and avalanche of feelings. This confrontation creates dissatisfaction by own life in the soul of Virgo. Stop to nag and bite yourself for lost chances and wrong behavior (leave this doubtful pleasure to your enemies) and look around with changed mind. You have a lot of gains and talents; other people ready to give half of their life for such qualities, but God award exactly you by it. But if you need something else to be fully satisfied, it could be fixed easily. Start to be more open and communicable, come out more often, and communicate with people in real and virtual space actively. When Virgo will open at once narrow hole into her own life - powerful stream of events, interesting people and burning emotions will immediately pour inside. In this month you should be ready for influx of visits - different relatives will come to your house. All uncles-aunts-cousins will suddenly recall about your existence and will come to see you, therefore you will not have chance to avoid chores and heart-to heart talks.

Married Virgos should refuse ideas of reformism and global changes. You should be ready to any changes otherwise you'll receive chaos and mess in your relations. If you don't want to scare your partner by illogical behavior or unexpected actions - come to changes softly and unhurriedly, don't press your partner and don't force any events. Better devote beginning of the spring for self-perfection and for search of inner harmony. It makes no differences, what Virgo will do: join to accounting courses or will go to the India for meditation or will start to crochet stockings for all households - this pastime should make you happy and satisfies you. Just remember - it's prohibited in March 2015 to think about something bad or to make negative anticipation for future because the Universe listens to you sensitively. At the moment you keep steering wheel in your hands and one turn of it could change your life course cardinally. Virgos, who believe that rich lands and fresh breeze are in front of them, will sail in right direction; all others will waste their life on spot, waiting for good weather and favorable wind.

Virgo doesn't leave any minutiaes in her job, by this reason all her projects are very accurate and perfect. On this time everything will remain the same. Employee of this star sign will examine everything up to smallest details because inherent perfectionism will not give him possibility to sleep at night till there is any gap or unaccounted factor in his task. Due to natural rigor Virgos will be right in 99% of occurrences, therefore bosses rate them highly. In March 2015 all these qualities will be highlighted, giving possibility to its owner announce himself in front of bosses - and this is right approach to promotion. But such a way has some danger points in it: at the same period, while you're working with one project, your colleagues have time to accomplish two of it, as result you spend more time and efforts then other and suppose to come to the office on weekends, late at work every day. Non-stop work drains Virgo physically and mentally, destroying inner balance and weakening her immunity. If this sign of Zodiac doesn't want to conceive a hatred for his job or to receive flu just before deadline, he should find way to optimize his work's process. Try to automatize part of your duties or to use assistant, otherwise you will drown with such huge number of duties, you took in March. Believe in your fate, believe in yourself and never cheat people - this is the best recipe of lucky happy life!


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