Horoscope for April 2015 for Leo

Horoscope for April 2015 Leo In April 2015, the world will come face-to-face with the real lion - the strong, lightning-fast and dangerous Leo, since that is exactly how circumstances and other people will mold the representatives of this sign. The Universe will be persistent in its effort of bringing barriers in front of you and challenging you at every step, but this will just fuel your passion as a hunter and a victor. In love Leos will resemble a fire, a tornado, a tsunami, so that harmony and comfort are not projected for their partners in this month. The King of Beasts will seem to be fashioned from a single piece of marble, so if he is filled jealousy - there won't be place for anything else inside, including the voice of reason. Emotions will be changed sequentially, without mixing with each other. First you break out a scandal for your loved one, then you slam the door and leave, and only in the end you think over the situation and come to the conclusion that your partner has in fact done nothing wrong.

In April, like his rapacious brother, the zodiac sign of Leo will also stop at nothing to get the coveted prey. If you really get a thought into your head, then knocking it out will be extremely difficult. In this mood, people go to the other end of the city to water a flower bed, even if the rain is already drizzling outside and only dried stalks remain of the flowers. In love, this leads to the fact that the Leo may become a source of the greatest happiness, or perhaps a devastating disaster. No matter if the object of your passion is in love with another, married, does not believe in feelings or even sticks to unconventional views on relationships, your love will feel like all barriers are powerless. The Horoscope advises the King of the Beasts to cease concentrating only on their own emotions and desires and to finally begin to consider the interests of the second party. If your choice of a mate is not free, then do not aim to hurt people who do not deserve it. If a relationship is only a short affair for the Leo, he should abandon the prey and find another victim (without obligations and marriage certificates), because there is enough misery in our world to multiply it even more by breaking existing families and relationships.

In April 2015, the Leo will become the initiator of many events, because he won't be able to stay away from anything that is happening right now - big or small. The people of this zodiac sign will enthusiastically collectively-minded and very active on Facebook, fervently advocating for justice on political rallies and similar events. They will probably try to collect money from colleagues for birthdays, christenings and corporate gatherings. This behavior is not in pursuit of winning favor from your superiors or to obtain material benefits. It is just that in the middle of spring, you will feel that the people live on Earth not to merely eat, drink and go to work, but also to do something good, important and significant.

When in April 2015 the leadership of your company will lose touch with common sense and decides to send employees to gather potatoes in the nearby village, or to go rafting on a mountain river or work in the gold mines, then do not get involved in the arising altercation. Make a joyful face and go pack your backpack. In mid-spring, rioters and debaters will not be in the highest demand, but those loyal to the ruling elite staff will almost certainly get the desired improvement. Rather than resent and beat the heads of the office autocrats with cacti, try to find positive things in the most unexpected tasks. No matter what you ultimately obtain (experience, connections or just a good mood), the main thing - do not regard work as a heavy burden. The Horoscope advises Leos to maintain a reasonable balance: do not become a spigot for each barrel, but do not turn into lazy cat, spending days sitting on the couch (or more precisely, social networks). In April, the same charisma that was your advantage before is not enough to stay on the horse. To succeed, you need hard work and willingness to roll heavy boulders up the hill. No water flows under a still stone, but you can expect a flow of discontent from superiors. Do not be afraid to take the initiative and try to force yourself into new areas, using every opportunity to change your life. Before each throw, the Leos must be sure that he is in the predator in this hunt, not a stupid victim hitting the bait. Avoid spontaneous, rash decisions that can ruin your career, and remember that by shooting a bird idly sitting on a branch, you can easily shoot down your own luck!


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