Horoscope for April 2015 for Libra

Horoscope for April 2015 Libra In April 2015 Libras will cast aside the inherent softness and the indecisiveness of their zodiac sign by deciding to try on a mask of an Arbiter. If earlier in life you have played the role of the Sleeping Beauty, waiting for her prince for years, then in the middle of spring you will stand before the world in the image of a graceful female cat that walks by itself and spits on public opinion. The Libra men will get tired of sitting in their castle waiting for their Cinderella and they will rush to play Batman, who regularly saves the world and gets a nice bonus in the face of a femme fatale in his hands. The new philosophy of life will help you achieve incredible heights, because in order to get something, you need to achieve it. But like all superheroes, you may have problems in your personal life if you put a career or your own interests above love. The Patroness of lovers - Venus does not like to stand in line for the gods of good luck or fortune, so if you do not bring something forward, Venus will simply go to someone who can appreciate the clean and light feeling. The Horoscope advises children to draw a clear line within themselves, as businessmen and lovers. In work, the most complex problems can be solved if, with due diligence and perseverance, you beat your head against all of the obstacles faced in the way. In the end, even a stone will break down and crack, revealing the way forward. Love relationships require gentleness and tenderness, while strict policy achieves arguments and has an impact of a rolling pin. The jealous Libra will find it very difficult to accept that besides their partner, they are surrounded by the many people with whom they are friends, communicate, exchange smiles in social networks and go to lunch during the workday. Do not let the fear of losing quite logically escalate into paranoia, which makes mirages of infidelity where there's not even a seed of such occurrence.

Couples who have only recently started living together will face the destructive phenomenon called life in April 2015. People will suddenly discover that they live in different time zones, and while one partner is enjoying the early evening, the second is in the middle of a dream. The past dreams of the perfect relationship and the subsequent deviation that the real picture has from the tales that have emerged in the head will cause grief and depression for Libra. However, fantasies are not easy to give up, so representative of this zodiac sign are required to try to fit their life together below their imaginary standards, which will be the beginning of the end. Imagine that from your very childhood, you are accustomed to wear sneakers every day when you walk down the street. Then there suddenly appears a man who claims that it is necessary to go out only in nice shoes, that way you will fare better throughout the day. His version is also acceptable and has its advantages, but you enjoy your habits, your rituals and traditions! You are sensitive about it and you are probably going to separate from your life partner when she will be trying to dictate your entire living conditions under the common roof.

In April 2015 Libra will receive Destiny's climbing equipment, which magically allows to conquer the most forbidding career tops where the children of Air will gladly climb. The representatives of this zodiac sign will show a true champion character within themselves to the last foes still fighting and to adverse circumstances. If you believe in the correctness of your decision, then do not hesitate to go against the majority opinion of the authorities and partners. You will seem to harden and lose your existing flexibility and ability of mimicry. If the balance within yourself and outside of you makes you unhappy, you will speak out directly - without wasting time on diplomatic tact. In large companies; however, such behavior can cause censure and the blame of being unable to play within a team. To avoid unflattering remarks about your character, try not to conduct yourself aggressively and do not get involved in a heated debate.

The Horoscope advises the Libras to tidy up their workplace in mid-spring. If you do not believe in Feng shui or that a messy sandwich, a mug with a tea stain or scribbled stickers can ruin your career karma, then look at the problem from the other side. Surely, you find it most difficult to find the right phone number in a pile of scattered sheets, and upon the request of colleagues you have been digging in the folders, unable to remember where you preserved required digits. In April 2015, value your time and do not let the chaos and confusion steal it from you!


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