Horoscope for April 2015 for Cancer

Horoscope for April 2015 Cancer In April 2015, the Earth will rock underfoot not only for intoxicated persons, but also for the sign of Cancer. The established order of things will go to hell, leaving representatives of this zodiac sign with fear and anxiety. You will feel like a Neanderthal stuck in the 21st century: the constant telephone calls, a continuous stream of honking cars and the need to run somewhere, do something, to fight for something - all this will frighten and unsettle you during this period. Life will require mankind to make lightning fast responses and create speedy solutions that will not be stomached easily by Cancer. However, while you are not going to rush things, try to adjust to the circumstances and having decided not to lift very heavy weight, prefer to restore order in the soul. In early spring, lay out your thoughts, hopes and dreams on the shelves that will help in the future, do not get confused and do not mix up the broad street life with a narrow winding trail.

In love, the Cancers will display commendable character and decisiveness. In April, the representatives of this quiet sign will finally get tired of standing on one spot, hiding in their hole whenever the slightest danger appears on the horizon. You will see your goal clearly and will pick the shortest paths to reaching it. If previously, prior to approaching a person you have taken a fancy of you would think for a long time, suffer, attempt to come up with topics for conversations - right now you will just approach him or her and easily establish a conversation about nothing. The Cancer will be no less resolute when a break up is needed. If he will suddenly realize that the current safe haven within a bay is turning into a stale swamp, he will raise his sails and simply sail away. One way or another, you will not suffer a lack of attention and communication during this month and the old love will surely be replaced by the new, although predicting whether it will be a happy one is not the task for any horoscope to bear. No matter how strange it is, even ironic, but it is also that very same confidence that can turn into stone upon which the Cancer will stumble. The thing is that when you begin feeling yourself as Superman, saving the day one hundred times in twenty-four hours, you will certainly come to expect that beside you will be the best kind of girl (pretty, smart, and without a malicious mother). If your lover is not corresponding to your highest of standards, then the Cancer will choose not to trust her with the keys to his heart and home, which means that instead of a serious relationship you will end up having a fleeting romance. Do not raise the requirements bar, since it is not always that people are ready to set records in high jumps in order to win the disposition of the person they love. It can be that when you turn yourself away from some unideal person and ignore another, in the end you will end up alone.

In April 2015, the world will try to see how tough the Cancer really is - more than once, while the sharks of business will attempt to grind their teeth on your carcass. If the representatives of this sign will be able to maintain inner peace, then you will be that hard nut that will break the teeth of many predators. Despite the fact that the working sphere around you will constantly shuffle and bustle, asking cardinal changes and radical moves from you, you should be loyal to your old tactic and put carefulness and attentiveness as a clear priority. Your relationship with those around you will be no less complicated. This month, your colleagues and partners will become very hard to be understood and the Cancers will catch themselves thinking that aliens are already among us, they just haven't calibrated their human communication yet. During the current situation, the best choice is to play a certain game: less words and more action, even if you drowned the most beloved object of your boss in the toilet - do not confess no matter what. To confess your sins you have to go to a priest or a shrink, but showing your work missteps as a display to your management is unnecessary. Do not cry, do not tie yourself to the post of shame, instead you should take measures to stabilize the situation and correct your mistakes. Trust me, business needs results - not words. The Horoscope recommends that you play the part of the office cactus among your colleagues: look in the monitor, bring value and do not argue. Perhaps the actions and words of people will appear to be worthy of challenging them to a duel from time to time, but you should not let the situation get heated or allow yourself to throw truths in the form of self-righteous epitaphs in their faces. Do not get involved in collective projects, it is better that you try to get rid of the papers that collected and resolve the stale issues. The less the Cancer will contact others for work-related issues, the less chances they have to hatch something pincer-like within themselves. Trust me, the individual work has its own sense, since right now you feel yourself to be the smartest, the strongest, and almost invincible. That means you are not in the position to compromise with others or use diplomatic ploys. In April 2015, the Cancers should be hidden - but dangerous, since even the silent cactuses in the office have thorns that can sharply puncture the ego of competitors!


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