Horoscope for April 2015 for Sagittarius

Horoscope for April 2015 Sagittarius In April 2015 Sagittarians need to understand that they are not psychic and cannot predict their partner's actions with 100% certainty and therefore should not be upset if a loved one does not behave as expected. Our brain is a complex system and we are often unable to explain its desires and motives, so it is useless to try to streamline our mate's brain and force it to abide by logic. In mid-spring, the Horoscope advises the Sagittarius to get rid of unrealistic expectations and false hopes. It is silly to lie all evenings watching television, dreaming to be on a date with Scarlett Johansson, when you can go out and invite the neighbor girl for a movie. Though not so beautiful, she is closer, clear and generally on board. The same applies to non-free people: all our disappointments, accusations and bitterness comes from us mentally painting a bright image of an ideal and now trying hard to squeeze a real person into an imaginary suit. However, clothes from someone else's shoulder are cast-offs, which will never sit nice on the new owner and will never be comfortable either. Live next to a real person and take him as he is present, with all the advantages and disadvantages.

In April, the lonely Sagittarius is promised aid in love affairs by the Horoscope. Supportive Venus will allocate you a whole crowd of Cupids, who will bury their arrows in as many victims as you wish. Because of the abundance of fans and admirers, the people of this zodiac sign will have a difficult choice to make. You'll feel like you are attending a lavish banquet and cannot leave without having tried all the dishes, because it is unknown whether you will have a chance to do so ever again. For this reason, the Sagittarius will have many acquaintances, fleeting romances and painless separations, but serious feelings will hardly come into their lives. But who said that love as slight dizziness is that bad? Life is not an endless quest where only rescuing the princess earns rewards, points and bonuses. Instead, it is a continuous flow of time and events; if the good moments in it prevail, then you are the winner!

In April 2015 the Sagittarius should be especially careful in various matters because in this month the soul of this zodiac sign will be like a baby, pure and innocent. With proper skill you can convince yourself that the Moon is really a roll of cheese, while the Sahara Desert is flooded with water up to two meters. But if you believe in the cheese Moon and the safely wet Sahara, then believe in unscrupulous suppliers or one-day firms, detrimental to career and purse. Collaborate with reliable partners and do not listen to the advice of those people in the good intentions of which you have doubt. However, do not fall into the paranoia. The Horoscope promises many good bargains and investments, which will soon bring considerable profit. The Sagittarius' inexplicable scent will smell where the oiliest fishes are and they will successfully use this gift. The main thing that you have to be ready for is that you will still have to catch the fish, clean it, carve, cut, fry, and only then will you be able to feast on the results of your labor. The situation of you falling asleep on the couch before you even reach the bed when you come home will become more common, but do not be alarmed, because job satisfaction will block all the inconveniences and difficulties.

Due to the fact that this spring creativity will be profound in Sagittarius, it will be a particularly good month for creative professionals whose income depends on the creativity and ingenuity. However, mechanical and dry work will begin to oppress them, causing the desire to jump out the window and go to run barefoot in the park, singing uncomplicated pop hits. Resist the temptation to throw away a stream of routine cases and use your will to force yourself to disassemble the documents, respond to letters and fill in the Excel tables. The point now is the need to grow up. Life cannot consist entirely of holidays, while interesting and boring affairs have something in common - we do them both. In April, do not hope for tomorrow, live for today, and do not just what you want, but what you should!


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