Horoscope for April 2015 for Aquarius

Horoscope for April 2015 Aquarius In April 2015, there will be fun in the house of Aquarius: men will bring beer and sit down to watch football, while women will prefer glossy magazines and gossip. Crowds will be next to you all the time, you will be surrounded by the sound of laughter and lively conversations that will surely give a charge of vivacity and good mood. Everything will be alright, unless it is your wife or mother who will have to clean the apartment after numerous guests and prepare them food. If you want to avoid the scandals associated with your own high-friendliness, issue advance warning about the visit of relatives and guests and take the trouble of receiving them upon yourself. All this social business will necessitate you to beware when all the middle spring love can suddenly turn into war squadrons and shattering explosions. You will find yourself on the volcano, one that you will have to carefully manage, despite the fact that you will occasionally find your own hands pouring gunpowder inside to add spice and sharpness to your relations. Hardly any single Aquarian will retain their romantically status until the end of the month, because their crazy energy and wild charm will be impossible to resist. Rather, the representatives of this zodiac sign will have a number of romances in April 2015, fleeting but vivid. You will use stealth to avoid developing a serious relationship, which on the one hand will prevent you from opening your soul to the unworthy, but on the other will not really allow you to get close with someone. Aquarius are like a vessel with a double bottom: the first is made of colored glass, with amusing drawings and grooved patterns, and the second is absolutely transparent and bulletproof. People that penetrated through the outer defense are in for a surprise when a seemingly open guy suddenly turns into an icy, impenetrable clump from which it is impossible to gather true emotions. If a person who is knocking at the heart is important for you, then accept the risk and let him into your world. Otherwise, if he decides that he is not welcome here - he may leave. Is that what you want? True friendship and love are not based on a profile picture on social networks or a short message on Twitter, it grows out of intimate conversations, the readiness to help when you feel bad, and the desire to be close to the body and thoughts.

In April 2015 the Aquarius will show other signs of the zodiac what balance truly means. You will be able to work and become a star of the office, while at home you will please your family with care and attention. People will not understand how you manage to be both an excellent worker and the best husband in the world. You will also be an ideal parent, it's true! You will successfully balance work and personal life, so work with your friends and make friends with colleagues - this is not nonsense for you, but a familiar reality. Thanks to this philosophy, the life of the Aquarius will achieve more than other employees, because of the support and assistance that their team will provide them when necessary. Due to the fact that the good things of life will begin to pour into your hands like a continuous stream this month, you will find it quite difficult to choose what you desire and actually keep in your hands. Children of Water will rush between equally attractive haystacks, like a donkey who could not make a choice in a fable, only here in the unfortunate animal had only 2 feeders, while the lucky Aquarius will be given many more options and crossroads. The Horoscope advises you to decide your desires as soon as possible, because otherwise the gifts of Destiny will slip between your fingers and into the ground, leaving behind the bitterness of disappointed hopes.

In the second month of spring, the Aquarians cannot violate the progress that they balance. Work in moderation, without overtime and outputs to the office on the weekends. Relax also in moderation, without turning your life into a permanent holiday. This period is appropriate to summarize the final line under the old projects and their final dispatch to the archive, tidying papers and thoughts, to pay down your debts and fulfill your promises. In no case should you try on the image of a titan holding the entire globe on his shoulders. No need to take more than the body can endure under the standard conditions, because otherwise it will begin to burn stored energy, which should be reserved for more extreme situations. In April 2015, be yourself, cherish your inner world, but do not hide from the outside!


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