Horoscope for April 2015

Horoscope for April 2015 April 2015 will be a difficult time for selfish freeloaders and poseurs. This month, the universe will require all zodiac signs to perform noble deeds and altruism. We should bestow unselfishly tenderness and warmth on our loved ones and meet those who enters our world with an open heart. Those individuals who are ready to pull their neighbor's last piece of sausage off of their plate will face a losing streak. If you are not accustomed to tripping other people in order to fight for a place under the Sun, then you have nothing to fear! In a loving relationship, first place is occupied by the commonality of interests and affinities. Those couples that share much more than just a passion or a desire for comfort will open a new side in themselves and will get to know each other better. People will often talk sincerely, which will establish an even stronger bond of love between them. The location of the stars in the sky promises that humanity will be ready for compromise and will establish equal dialogue during this period (which, perhaps, will not work in the case of political negotiations, but will definitely manifest in family conflicts). You will be able to understand each other without unnecessary hysteria in a confusing situation and will work together to find an acceptable way out.

Those lovers who have not yet realized what holds them together need to look for an answer to this question. We must ask ourselves whether that person next to us is the right one and whether we are willing to walk with him or her, hand in hand, through the whole path of life. Partners about which others say that they are as similar as heaven and hell are likely to part this spring, but not before a good pull on each other's nerves. We are accustomed to the idea that we need to fight for our happiness and are ready to rush into an attack on not only the circumstances, but also on a loved one. As a rule, a partner will not meet all of our dreams and ideals, which is why people rush headlong to break and reconstruct and when they get natural resistance… they are offended, arrange a tragic scene and walk away, lamenting the ingratitude and callousness. The horoscope advises us to exclude dramatic notes, blackmail and threats from our relationships, because they will not bring anything into our lives but the bad. They are, in fact, a waste of time. If you are very different people with a loved one, then building a serious relationship will be like locking up a lioness and a giraffe in one cage with the purpose of seeing whether her neck will expand or he will grow a mane. Do not torture your partner and do not torture yourself. We are created for joy and happiness - not for empty experiences.

Most of the zodiac signs will succeed in team races in April 2015 and only rare individualists will prefer solo ascent on their career heights. This month, the universe is waiting for people to finally find their common tongue that was lost since the construction of the Tower of Babel. The stars hope for us to be able to build our own welfare. The horoscope strongly advises his proteges not to aggravate relations with colleagues and management, as the saying that one in the field is not yet a warrior is more relevant now than ever. However, do not think that by working in a team, you can hide behind the backs of reliable associates and live happily. This spring we should all show responsibility and hard work, even if the blue sky outside our window beckons us to escape from the stuffy office captivity for a breath of fresh air. Remember that for the personal life there is the evening, night and holidays. On weekdays we must perform honest work, one which we were paid to do. Do not complain about uninteresting or boring professional duties, considering yourself extremely miserable while performing them. Believe me, even the happiest man finds cause for grief and even a king has his ears irritated by the edges of the crown.

Spring will be a time of the strong, competent people who can rightly be called true professionals. Without proper knowledge and experience, you will not only avoid catching fish from the pond, but you will also break your fishing rod, fight with the fishermen next door and arrange a whole slew of problems for yourself. Therefore, aim to replenish your treasury of knowledge and intellectual wealth at any opportunity, while also generously sharing it with others. In April, a particularly important skill will be the ability to express thoughts clearly and to convey your point of view to the audience. However, people need to draw a clear line between confidence in the correctness of their decision and being a stubborn donkey. During disputes with colleagues do not to cross the line of what is permitted. Do not fear of seeming silly, be wary of being silly. If opponents overcome you with convincing arguments and logic, your refusal of your own original opinion only indicates your desire to find the best option, not weakness. If you back up an idea only because your opponents are plenty and their position is higher, then stop immediately and find the strength to stand for you believe in without fear of oblique views and convictions. We work among people and it is with people that we need to collectively use the strengths of each team member to find the best way forward - together. This cannot be achieved when the soloist in the choir is not the one who sings better, but the one who shouts the loudest. In April 2015, you should not seek to become a soloist of the choir, but its conductor, so do not settle for small compensation and take everything from life that you truly deserve!


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