Horoscope for February 2015 for Gemini

Horoscope for February 2015 Gemini Gemini, when the Moon turns full on February 3rd, the Moon struts off into dramatic Leo and the drama Leo represents. Gemini, your house of conversations and communications will turn heated one day and romantic the next. You will be charming and very impossible to refuse or possibly to believe. Use this gift to bring in some magic to the life of your love.

On the 20th Venus will move into aggressive Aries and your house of groups and friends. She will meet up with Mars and the Moon. This trio will help you take charge of a meeting whose leader dropped the ball. You will be successful but don't ruffle feathers. Do a good job and you will be elected leader for the next gathering.

Investing, Gemini is always on your mind and on February 8th you need to get the ball rolling. Venus the ruler of money matters plus Pluto in your house of finances and makes this the best time of the month to invest. It is also a great time to get to know your boss. Put your name out there, be proactive with what you do, and do your job well.

Aries, planets moving into your house of friendships by February 19th and stay there until the 22nd. Your social schedule will be full. A new acquaintance enters your circle of friends and wants to be introduced. You now have an exciting new possibility for a deeper relationship.

Special days for you Gemini are the 2nd and 3rd. Days you cannot take the time for working because your social schedule is so full. On the 19th take care that you are dressed to the nines. Someone will come into the office and seek you out. The 25th is the perfect day to sign papers on a new home or hire someone to help you remodel. The 26th is a nice day to take off and go on a road trip.

Really awful days in February for you Gemini include the 1st. Why the beginning of the month is always so dismal is very puzzling. On the 6th you will be challenged to make excuses for your projects and these excuses will not be accepted. On the 20th you are feeling low and depressed. Nothing to do for it. On the 21st you need to take the time to take your child to the doctor. They broke their arm. On the 22nd days are getting gloomy and February is not a happy month. On the 23rd stay home with the covers pulled over your head.


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