Horoscope for February 2015 for Aquarius

Horoscope for February 2015 Aquarius Aquarius, planets moving in your house of neighbors and siblings might just prompt you to spend more time than you usually do with them. Plan a block party and get together with the entire family. It will rewarding. Stay away from doing this on February 21st.Tempers will fly and things will heat up.

The months moves on and by February 20th there will be four planets moving through Aries and your house of conversations and communications. This group of planets is ready for adventure. Challenge yourself. Return to school, take up a new career, or join a volunteer group with new friends. Take a chance.

Money is the house of Venus. Money is sure to become important in February. Venus spends most of her time in Pisces and your house of personal finances. You will be able to take care of what you have and save as much as you can. If your heart belongs to someone else, you might decide to spend money on them. After February 20th you might be very upset that you were so generous.

The New Moon comes to your house on February 18th. You are urged to get rid of everything that is not working. Just start over. This includes relationships, jobs or a friendships that are just not working. No matter what you choose to throw out, be assured that it will not be missed.

Great days in February for you Aquarius are the 2nd and the 11th. These are awesome days when you can do no wrong. The 18th of February is a very good day to take a new class and the 19th is a good day to start a new hobby. Start collecting money on the 24th and on the 25th take time to give your family a new goal.

Bad days for you in February, Aquarius includes the 1st. Nothing seems to go right on the first day of the month. Take a deep breath and move on to the 5th which is also a bad day. This is not a day for going outside. Just stay home and watch the snow fall and the roads get slushy. On the 6th you slush your way to work. The heat is off but you can't go home. Don't be angry; just go with the cold flow. On the 11th you will have a bad day. Nothing gets finished, your computer stops working and you are feeling under the weather. The 20th finds you in the doctor's office and the diagnosis is strep throat. You can't afford to miss work but your boss won't let you come back. On the 21st stay home. It won't be a comfortable day however as every bone in your body hurts. The 23rd you are on the mend but still can't go to work.


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