Horoscope for February 2015 for Capricorn

Horoscope for February 2015 Capricorn Capricorn, Mercury goes direct on the 11th of February. You can count on your schedule and rules. Disorganization, cancellations and chaos are now things of the past. By the 19th of February everything should be perfect in your world. Use your free time to relax and forget about work.

On the 2th and 25th Venus moves with Mars into Aries and they take turns trining through your planet, Saturn. These two pranksters will convince you to be more fun in the romantic house. You do love elegance so make a candlelit dinner or just go to a girly movie.

Venus loves money and sets off for Aries on the 2th. She is accompanied by the spend-thrift Moon and Mars. Be careful if you are out shopping. You will want to spend as much as you can and your spending might just break the budget. Be sure to take someone more practical along with you on shopping trips.

Things will be very spicy on the home front during February. Prepare yourself for fireworks of the angry variety. Children will be problematic in February. Put your foot down and make it clear that you own this house and you won't tolerate drama. Arguments come up daily, but let them go over your head. Clear the air every now and then.

Great day for you Capricorn includes the 2nd and the 7th. These days will be peaceful at home and restful at work. On the 8th you will believe everything is going perfectly and will stay that way. Watch for the 24th and 25th when you can get close to your love. You relationship will blossom and things will be very nice.

Really awful days for you in February Capricorn include the 1st when you are assigned thing you don't want to do at work. On the 5th and 6th co-workers and teammates are very difficult to get along with. The 19th is not a good day so don't even try to do things right. The 20th finds you in the boss's office trying to explain mistakes you made today. On the 21st close the door to your office and to your bedroom. You don't want to see anyone and you just want to sit and cry. On the 23rd grump though the day. It suits your mood.


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